The most interesting websites for the sex industry connoisseur in 2016


Listing a collection of interesting websites for sex industry connoisseurs has become an annual tradition here at Rockit Reports. Although the lists aren’t released on the same date every year they have been published without fail since 2013.

Unfortunately a lot of the sites mentioned on past links have died off or gone defunct. The good news is that the internet is a wide world filled with all sorts of options for people with an interest in the commercial sex industry and human sexual relations in general. These options increase with each passing day.

FKK & Sauna Clubs Blog

I only started to cover FKK clubs with any real detail back in 2015. There is still much to be written. Most of it will pertain to reviews and reports. The FKK & Sauna Clubs Blog covers the world of FKK sex saunas in Europe in depth. The site is constantly being updated as its busy Twitter feed would indicate. Perhaps most interesting are the news aspects of the site that reveal whats going on in this part of the industry in English. Announcements of special events and appearances by special guest performers also appear with regularity.


Telegrams went the way of the dodo bird along time ago. The main reason was that other superior forms of communication came along making telegrams superfluous. There have always been jokes around the topic of strip-a-grams. Most were embedded in terrible sitcoms. It turns out that the ideas of the telegram, stripping and electronic communications have all been combined resulting in the Tittygram. You can now send a message written on a nice pair of hooters to anyone located anywhere in the world. Look how far we have come. By clicking this link you can even get a 10 percent discount on your next Tittygram!

Tokyo Kinky

In last year’s list I included a link to Tokyo Reporter. That site mainly translates Japanese news stories into English. Quite a few of them have sexual overtones. Some are about sex and nothing else. If you don’t like to sort through the non-sexual topics to get to the good stuff you can check out Tokyo Kinky.

This site is run by the people behind Kanojo Toys. It reports on a lot of the adult industry and hentai happenings in the land of the rising sun. It also contains a lot of interviews with Japanese porn stars.

Rocket News 24

RocketNews24 is not to be confused with this esteemed site. The spelling is different and the focus is too. If you are looking for non-sexual but interesting news coming out of Japan this is a great place to find it. The site does translate some news but it also publishes a lot of its own original work. It’s worth checking out.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access – This isn’t a site that one would check out on a daily basis. Instead it offers a very useful service to users. Users can install a small program on their computer and phone to hide their IP at all times and visit any website they want no matter where they are. When traveling to places like South Korea and Dubai this service can really come in handy. Rockit Reports is blocked in those countries but it can be easily accessed with the use of Private Internet Access. It can also be used to block adult sites other than Rockit Reports that are blocked in the other countries as well as other areas like Thailand and public Wifi access points around the world.

Harriet Sugar Cookie

Harriet Sugar Cookie is an Asian woman with an English accent. I don’t know her history but I would guess that she was probably born somewhere in Old Blighty. Harriet looks pretty good and constantly shows off her body in pictures and videos. There is a lot of content featuring other adult starlets on her site as well.

Perhaps most interesting are the write ups and other content she produces. Most of it is really unique. I’m not much into games but I have to admit I was curious to see her play bop it with another girl for some reason. The site is full of things like this. I was all set to run through some question and answers with Harriet for my series of sex industry interviews over a year ago but too many obstacles were put in my way.

Unfortunately Ms. Cookie had all sorts of requirements that even the most famous porn stars I have interviewed made no mention of, so I decided to bail on the whole thing. I still think her site is worth a look. She also broadcasts on Chaturbate where she does very hot live sex shows.


Alrincon originally launched in Spanish and still publishes in that language regularly. But th site also has an English section that can be fun to check out. The site aggregates and republishes all sorts of stuff from around the internet.

Pictures pulled from the public Instagram and Tumblr accounts of sexy women are a favorite but a lot of other content makes it up too. Screenshots from adult webcam broadcasts join viral videos, sex tape clips and the occasionally humorous happening on this always updated internet outlet.

Do you enjoy these kinds of sites? Let me know. I’d like to have an idea of what interests readers most as I go through the next year with an eye open for sites to include in subsequent lists.

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