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As mentioned many times on this site Japan is far from the most difficult place in the world for a guy to get laid. There are many obstacles however. The biggest is undoubtedly the language barrier. The vast majority of the population is totally unable to hold even a basic conversation in any language other than Japanese.

Language is not the only thing that gets in the way of international dating and relationships in the country however. The culture simply doesn’t lend itself to as many opportunities as other areas do. Chatting up strangers is pretty rare in Japan unlike some other countries like Cambodia or the Philippines where a barista may ask whether or not you are married after taking your order.

While there are places where people can and do hook up it can even be difficult for locals to make a love match in the land of the rising sun. That along with other factors like long work hours are reasons why dating clubs are pretty popular in Japan.

Universe Club

There are many dating clubs in the country. Some like Kirari are only meant for short time get togethers but others are used by people looking for anything from temporary fun to a long term sugar baby. Many of the clubs refuse people who cannot speak Japanese. Some clubs refuse foreigners even when they can speak the local language. The previously reviewed Universe Club is the only club in the country that not only accepts but actually caters to foreigners. They have people on staff who speak fluent English and Japanese exactly for this reason.

ladies at Universe Club

I have written about Universe Club in the past but there is still much to be said. The club has thousands of members across the country. The members are divided up into letter groups that describe how willing they are to sleep with male members on the first date. They are also divided into classes ranging from Standard to Black. Guys can date women in their class or any lower class. Male members decide their own class by the amount of money they pay to sign up but women are categorized into classes by the club’s staff and aren’t actually aware of the division.

Standard Class at Universe Club

Today I will write about the Standard class. In the future I plan to write about the Gold, Platinum, and Black classes too.

Looks are always subjective. Two guys may have totally different ideas of beauty. One may look at a skinny German woman and fall in love. Another may think the same lady is totally unattractive. I don’t know everything that goes into the classifications at Universe Club but I do have some ideas.

The Standard class seems to be occupied mainly by girl next door types. Women who work in the entertainment industry or have really refined or high fashion looks are usually found in the higher classes. That doesn’t mean that the Standard women are unattractive of course. There are some really beautiful women next door in Japan. In fact they tend to be some of the best looking women in the country in my experience.

One of the most amazing aspects of Universe Club is its website. Thousands of women have profiles there which can be sorted through with all sorts of filters. Women who belong to the club can be organized by class, willingness to sleep with male members, height, English speaking ability and more.

Women at Universe Club

Of course each profile also contains photos. Most profiles contain plenty of photos and even some video clips. As I mentioned in a recent review of a Japanese porn star escort Egami Shiho, photos are commonly manipulated online and some people look differently in real life than they do in two dimensional images. But videos tend to show a pretty good likeness.

I bring this all up to point out that male members aren’t necessarily bound by the subjective views of people on staff at the club. I have seen a few Standard class members who look better to me than some of the members from higher classes. I am sure others have totally different views. But there are no surprises since everyone gets a good chance to look at the women on the site before they request a date.

I don’t think the classes at the club are purely based on looks. Other things like career also seem to play a big part. Some entertainers and models can be found in the top classes. More common jobs are more frequent at the lower end.


The Standard Class contains tons of women who are attractive. A surprisingly high number of them can speak English too. Basic English is the most common but many can speak conversational or even fluent English. Those who mention travel in their profiles seem most likely to have the best English skills.
Those who like travel also may have more confidence when meeting foreigners but even many members who have never had a single conversation with a non-Japanese person are totally willing to try it out. That sort of first time experience has a value all its own which cannot be organized into categories.

Since there is no extra expense involved in dating Standard class ladies at Universe Club there is not much risk involved for male members. Some may think they are missing out by dating women from the lowest group in the club but that doesn’t seem to be true at all. Many kind and lovely ladies are in the group just waiting for a guy to ask them on a date. A high percentage are eager to meet guys from around the world and have a lot of fun too. Of course they are looking for some compensation for their time but judging by the success of the club a high number of guys think the money spent is well worth it.

Universe Club has so many women that guys basically have their pick. Guys can go through all of the female profiles and view their pictures and videos while the women are more limited. The women only get a name, age, nationality and time when someone asks them out on a date through the club. The women are of course free to accept or refuse date proposals but most do accept as long as their schedule allows. And why wouldn’t they? It is after all why they have joined the group.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 012-097-8649
Hours:11:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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