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Two months ago I published a post that posed a simple question: Is Smooci the new Backpage in Asia? As I wrote at the time Smooci seemed set to become a lot larger since major sites like Backpage and Craigslist had exited the stage.

For those unaware, Smooci is a modern escort directory with all sorts of features. It is based around a website where customers can connect with escorts and book sessions. After booking customers are able to track the location of the escorts as they approach in the same way customers can see Uber cars they hail on the Uber app. Smooci also has various features like user reviews and verified pictures that I have reported on previously. At first Smooci only operating in Bangkok. Later they opened in Manila and Singapore.

Smooci Hong Kong

Now it seems like Smooci is seizing the time and growing along with the new opportunity. While the company long ago announced plans to expand they have really kicked into gear in recent times. Not long after expanding to Singapore and Manila the company is now setting up shop in Hong Kong. On June 29 they plan to start services there with a mix of agencies and independent workers set to appear on the site.

Along with the new launch in the Hong Kong special administrative region Smooci has announced a new feature for their site too. This feature allows customers to view offline escorts and set an alert to notify them when the said escorts are online and available.

On top of that Smooci has set up an automated Twitter feed connected to user reviews. When a new escort receives a five star review or a working escort receives three five star reviews in a row on the site the news is announced over Twitter. This is meant to make customers aware of the top performers.

What’s more Smooci is apparently planning on opening an incall facility in Hong Kong too. I am not totally sure how that will work but I am definitely interested in finding out. I am sure I will not be alone in a few days when I check to see exactly how that will play out. It sounds like it may be more or less unique and a one of a kind type of place.

I will also be paying close attention to the site in the near future as they plan to launch in the cities of Kuala Lumpur, Phnom Penh, Jakarta and Bali. I am very curious to see how they do it and how they do in all of those markets. I am positive I am not alone on that either!

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