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I continue to enjoy the Universe Club in Tokyo even though it doesn’t always lead to the kind of action that I like most. As I have mentioned in previous reports on Universe Club the company is set up to make matches between men and women about as easy and straight forward as possible.

Once guys go through the relatively painless interview procedure they have access to a vast database of women they can search through. They can narrow down the ladies by physical characteristics, interests and more. They can even avoid meeting up with a woman on her period thanks to precautions in place. Japan is famous for its innovations of convenience and that extends all the way to dating clubs like Universe.

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All sorts of women sign up for the Universe Club. Every day office ladies are joined by amateur models and others. The interests and desires of the women are as varied as their backgrounds. Some are only looking for dinner dates while others are looking for a lot more. The Universe Club grades the female members to give men an idea of what the women are after.

I recently went on a date with a nice Japanese gal in her twenties who had a “C” grade on the Universe Club website. This means that she is up for getting more intimate after a date if the conditions are right. I knew I would be in Tokyo so I contacted the club to book the date. It was incredibly easy. The club contacted the gal and she agreed to the date and time I was looking for. They then helped me find a conveniently located restaurant near my hotel that was very well reviewed and they even made a reservation for me. This sort of service is more than worth the moderate fees the club charges in my opinion.

I arrived at the restaurant on time and my date was waiting for me in the booth. She looked above average in her photographs and very similar in person. While she might not turn heads on the busy street of Tokyo she was certainly attractive. The vast majority of guys would undoubtedly be more than happy to spend an evening in her company.

If I wanted to be picky I could say that her teeth had some slight damage and repair work that wasn’t visible in her otherwise accurate club photographs though this is rather common in Japan and frankly not that big of an issue for me. I note this only to help paint a picture. It certainly didn’t put me off of her at all.

The food was as great as can be expected in a town like Tokyo and the conversation moved along nicely even though the lady’s English skills weren’t much better than my poor Japanese skills. The language barrier wasn’t much of a barrier at all however especially since we both had smartphones with translation applications that made short work of any misunderstandings.

After making our way through the meal we spent quite a bit of time talking over drinks. Our time together went well over the three or four hours that a typical dinner date lasts which proves that the sort of general guidelines that exist in setups like these are never strict rules.

Since the gal had a C grade and we seemed to be getting along quite well I assumed that we would move on to a hotel to get a lot more intimate especially after she asked where my hotel was. As it turns out she had to leave so that she could catch a train home and get some rest before going to work in the morning.

In Japan most people don’t like to offend or confront anyone else so it is common to make up innocent excuses rather than rejecting anyone outright. An invitation for a date is more likely to be rejected with a “maybe” or “sorry but I am busy” than a flat out “no.” I realize that it is quite possible that my date may have made up a story to get out of going to the hotel with me though I actually believe her story. She is an office worker and she came straight from work to meet me. She also told me where she lives and it was quite far from the place we met. Finally she asked me to walk her to the train and we exchanged information so that we can meet again in the future.

The kind of wondering that a date like this presents can actually be fun. I know better than anyone that the straight forward point and shoot adult entertainment options have their place but there is also value in things like flirting and getting to know someone.

Setting up a date through Universe Club isn’t all that expensive considering what and where it is. Other than a setting fee and the price of the meal itself one only has to part with a gift of around 5,000 Yen ($43 USD) to cover the gal’s time and transportation when things go no further than a meal.

In this case I was introduced to a really great restaurant I would probably never have found on my own and I was able to enjoy my meal with a lovely Japanese lass who made it all more enjoyable. I would have liked to have gone further with her but I can honestly say that I wasn’t incredibly disappointed that things ended when they did. I had a good time and that’s what matters.

Although guys from around the world can meet women in Japan going at it alone is certainly tougher than working with a company like Universe Club especially if one lacks fluency in the local language. That and the rest of what I said above should explain why I continue to like the outfit even though as this write up shows scoring is not always a sure thing.

I plan to go on a date with a “D” graded woman in the near future. That indicates that she is very open to getting intimate after a dinner date and this should present better odds than meeting up with the lady mentioned above. Whatever happens I will report back here.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 012-097-8649
Hours:11:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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