Review: Yuzu at Tokyo Style in Tokyo, Japan


I first mentioned the Tokyo Style massage company on this website in March of 2014. In the time since I gave the place a full review and made an updated report when they added several new women to their staff.

I’ve also done some individual reviews of women who work at Tokyo Style including the sexy Sumire in June and the soft and lovely Sora in July. Today I continue that practice with a review of Yuzu who I was lucky enough to spend some time with recently.

Yuzu at Tokyo Style Massage

Yuzu started working with Tokyo Style a few months ago so she is new to the company but apparently she already had massage skills picked up elsewhere when she arrived. This combined with her side job working as a fashion model means that one could expect a generally good appointment. Or maybe this is her side job and the modeling thing is the main gig. I guess it doesn’t matter for my purposes.

The reason I can’t answer that is because Yuzu isn’t necessarily as personable as other women on staff like Sumire, Sora or the busty and bubbly Risa. Don’t get me wrong she is friendly and even funny but she’s more of a straight ahead gal that does her best to complete her mission which in this case is delivering a good massage and more.

Yuzu has what I would describe as a pretty typical Japanese look. Obviously she is better looking than a lot of Japanese women which is why she can find work as a fashion model but generally speaking she has the kind of look you might see in any magazine or Japanese porn that you pick up. This is different than some others at the company like Sora and Sumire who have slightly more exotic looks for the area. Of course many men have totally fallen for J-girls or at least an idealized version of them so I’m quite sure that virtually every guy who find themselves in Yuzu’s presence would find her attractive.

Along with the typical Japanese look Yuzu also has an almost stereotypical Japanese manner about her that can only be described as cute or probably more accurately kawaii. There’s nothing bad about this at all and for those with a fixation for all things Japan it could even be a special draw.

Yuzu’s body is tight and sporty though once again I don’t know enough about to her to tell you if she plays any sports or works out. It could just be that she feels the burn while doing photoshoots or something. Now matter how she achieved her shape the results are great. She isn’t busty but that doesn’t always or even often matter except for guys who are obsessed with breasts. I find that I’m able to find nearly all manner of women attractive as long as they are not overweight or out of shape.

The women on staff at Tokyo Style can speak variable degrees of English. Some like Risa are quite good. Others like Sumire are decent. Some can only speak a bit of English and one or two may be limited to only a few words. It doesn’t seem like Yuzu speaks much English but it can be hard to tell because in my experience she almost always speaks in Japanese. Perhaps if she was dealing with a customer with no Japanese ability at all she would break out some more English but I have no way to be sure of that. Luckily not a whole lot needs to be said during a massage session meant to relax anyway!

Sessions with Yuzu go a lot like they do with the other women working at Tokyo Style. First she enters the room, takes off her shoes, introduces herself and asks the customer to select one of the various essential oils available. After that she strips down and invites the customer to do the same. This is followed by her washing off the customer and then giving him a bath. After the bath he is dried off and led to the bed where she lays out a lot of towels and begins the massage.

Since she was trained in the art of massage Yuzu can deliver a pretty good rubdown. To be totally honest though I don’t think it is necessarily that much better than the kinds of massage delivered by some other women on staff. Her skills are definitely there I just don’t know that it would be enough for me to specially request her over someone else I liked solely for a massage. Some others may think the massage is very important and select her to get properly worked over and I could totally understand if someone booked her on the account of her looks which as I have already stated are quite good.

After the regular massage is out of the way the customer is told to flip over to receive the special treatment which for most is probably the main draw. There are different courses available at Tokyo Style with the cheaper variety ending with a hand job and the more expensive choice ending with a blow job. Yuzu knows what she is doing here. She performs oral without a condom in a way that any guy with a pulse would enjoy but she especially comes into her own with the hand job finish. She truly excels at this maybe as a result of her massage training. Who knows and really who cares? Simply put she is great at it.

After things come to a climax the customer is given a bit of time to relax and recompose himself while Yuzu cleans up a bit. Soon the customer is led back to the wash room for a final clean up and that is followed by a brief chat before she bids her client a fond farewell.

I can find absolutely no fault in Yuzu and in many areas she is quite good. There are many woman working at Tokyo Style and a few of them are simply amazing in my opinion. I have to then judge Yuzu not only against other service providers and establishment in Japan and around the world but also with her workmates. That may skew things a bit considering I give some of them near perfect marks. All considered I think it’s fair to give Yuzu an above average score of 3.5 stars.

Address:Tokyo, Japan (outcall only).
Phone:+81 03-5956-9123
Hours:2:00 PM - 4:00 AM
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