Review: Yaya & Ploy at Cherry Massage in Bangkok, Thailand


While I have noted more than a few times that I don’t typically review individual performers working out of shops those who view the site even occasionally will notice that I do make exceptions to the rule. One reason I don’t usually like to do such reviews is that it may bring unwanted attention to people or places. Another is that things change so quickly in the adult entertainment industry that a write up can by outpaced by events before it even goes online. That’s certainly been true in the past.

I did a review of the services provided by Ice and May at Cherry Massage in Bangkok just over a year ago. Not long after that I received word that both of the ladies had stopped working. A few months later I did a write up on Bell and Lisa at the same location and while that review largely stands up to the test of time there have been some changes including a set of newly implanted boobs for Bell.

Cherry Massage in Bangkok

I first reviewed Cherry Massage in April last year. As continued coverage of the place and the women on staff there would indicate I have a certain affinity for the establishment. At the very least I think it offers a good example of what oily massage parlors in Thailand are typically like. With genial management and the ease of securing a session it makes for a decent topic to cover for those wondering what things are like. After all the ultimate goal of this site is ultimately to entertain the readers even if some might see things differently.

With several women who are new to the staff at Cherry or at the very least new to me it makes sense to review yet another tag team here today. As I have written many times I don’t like to judge women solely on the basis of looks or even in general but in certain circumstances it only makes sense. This is one of those situation that a mention of looks is well warranted. In the adult nightlife scene it is an important aspect that plays a major role.

Ploy at Cherry Massage

Ploy is a twenty year old with a cute face and wry smile. While the photographs of her on the Cherry website are totally accurate in my experience they don’t capture everything including her bust which is bigger than it appears in the pictures I’ve seen. She does has a bit of post birth belly which resulted from her giving birth not long ago. This didn’t do too much of a number on her physically though it is worth a mention. She is affable but not the most eager woman working at Cherry let alone in the local industry generally.

Ploy at Cherry Massage in Bangkok Thailand

Yaya is also a twenty year old and I would say that she is actually a lot better looking than Ploy at least in my opinion. The pictures of her on the website don’t do her justice at all. Her face is much prettier in person than it appears in the shots I’ve seen and the pics can’t do her body justice either. She is one of the few massage providers I’ve seen in Thailand who looks immensely better than her photos in the shop. Usually it is the other way around with a healthy dose of Photoshop effects thrown in to make everyone look like a princess. As I’ve mentioned before Cherry Massage deserves credit for going out of their way to post doctored photographs whenever possible.

Yaya at Cherry Massage in Bangkok Thailand

The Cherry Massage website says that Yaya and Ploy are both 45 kilograms. Since Ploy is a little taller it would make sense that she would then appear to be thinner than Yaya. In reality Yaya is the one who appears to be thinner. This is probably a result of Ploy giving birth and while she is nowhere near large it again is something worth noting.

Ploy and Yaya at work

Ploy’s body is curvy and nice enough but Yaya’s body is great. She’s thinner and tighter than most oily massage parlor workers yet she has shape and curves in just the right place. Her bust is small but full and perky and she looks even better from the back. Her legs are long, smooth and proportioned well. She looks like the kind of sexy lady that used to be common in nearly every go go bar in the country back when the pastures were a little greener. I’d say that everything about her looks nice and the fact that you’re reading this review means that you probably are interested in what I think.

Yaya is also playful, active and willing to please. She is willing to deliver most of the standard services as well as plenty of extras. She gets an A plus for that reason. Ploy is also available for the same services in theory though to be honest she is decidedly less enthusiastic about performing them.

That’s not to say Ploy is all bad. She has a quirky personality that I’m sure many enjoy. She also does well in the cosmetic and hygiene departments. I spent significant time with her but I had no idea she was a cigarette smoker until I saw her having a puff outside of Cherry. She certainly isn’t a gal most guys would throw out of bed for eating crackers but I do find Yaya preferable.

All in all both Ploy and Yaya are a lot of fun. Yaya in particular seems to enjoy her work or at least is able to realistically act like she does. At the very least she seems very concerned that customers leave fully satisfied. That’s almost as refreshing as her appearance which as mentioned is nicer than one who has been around might expect.

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Hours:10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
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