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I first reported on Tokyo Style as a foreigner friendly establishment in Japan’s capital city back in March last year. A few months later I posted a full review of the services the place offers which gave a little more detail than the initial write up. Later in the year I posted an update on the shop with pictures of the new women on staff. I updated that recently to reflect the addition of even more staff members.

It is not often that I review the services of individuals working at a particular place but there are some times when it seems fitting. Tokyo Style is a legal and licensed shop offering soft services. While the basic system is the same the exacts of sessions can and do vary from one woman to another. Tokyo Style has also been advertising on this site for some time. For all of the reasons I will today begin a process of reviewing the performances of some of the women working at Tokyo Style.

Regular readers will notice that I have mentioned Sumire in nearly all of the write ups I have done on Tokyo Style. It only seems reasonable then that I start with a review of her way of providing services to guys who call up and book an appointment. It should be pretty obvious from the get go that I enjoy her greatly but that’s not all there is to it.

I don’t necessarily like to get into rating women and their attributes. Everyone is beautiful to someone and no one is under any obligation to impress me or meet my beauty standards. That said the nature of this site and the kind of work these ladies do necessitates that I do take everything into account. Obviously I can only write based on my own experience. The experiences of others may be totally different and indeed probably are.

Sumire at Tokyo Style

Sumire is a young Japanese women in her late-20’s though her body doesn’t reflect that at all. It could easily be the body of a nineteen or twenty year old even by Asian standards. In some aspects she’s as fresh as she gets. For instance her ears are not even pierced.

Sumire’s face is very unique. It’s not out of this world but it’s certainly not unattractive either. It’s just different from what one usually sees in Japan. This is so true that Sumire says she is often asked if she has one non-Japanese parent even by Japanese people.

Escort Sumire at Tokyo Style

Of course the face is usually not what prompts one to book a session at a place like Tokyo Style especially considering that faces are not usually shown in staff photographs (Although to her credit Sumire does show hers in one picture). The body is what brings people in and in Sumire’s case it is quite something. She is just 154 centimeters tall but she fills it in nicely. Her skin is ivory white and smooth as silk. Her legs aren’t long but they are very well shaped meeting to form a backside that is simply amazing and tight without an ounce of sag or cellulite.

Her hips have just the right curve to accent her flat stomach and all of that leads up to one of the best sets of tits I have ever seen in Tokyo accented by succulent nipples that stick just enough to drive a guy absolutely crazy.

Sumire’s English is good enough to get through the session and engage in any basic conversation along the way. She does have a slight accent but that’s to be expected in Japan and in my opinion it only adds to her charm. Some interesting things to note are that she wants to be a Playboy model and plans to study English in the US in the near future.

Sumire’s erotic massage

Sumire is sweet and service oriented making sure the customer is treated very well without going too far into the direction of the over the top part time servant routine that one sometimes sees in this part of the industry in Japan.

Sumire arrives well dressed with the usual tools of the trade in a handbag. She greets the customer then asks him to sit down and relax while she prepares things. Some small chat is engaged in while Sumire asks the client to select one of the various aroma oils available for the massage. Fittingly her favorite aroma oil seems to be the one labeled “horny”.

After the customer makes a choice Sumire will slowly undress him. After this she will invite the customer to undress her which is very good in and of itself. Sumire knows just what to wear all the way down to her kit.

Sumire bent over in pink panties

With both parties nude the next step is the bathroom where a stand up shower takes place. Sumire washes the customer from head to toe including all of the most intimate places. The bath is quickly prepared in advance so that things can move from the shower to the tub without any pause. Sumire joins the customer in the tub and goes through the sort of steps that make soaplands famous.

While I’m no Wilt Chamberlain I am fairly experienced. Some things that once blew me away no longer do much for me at all. The mere mention of paizuri would have brought my rod to full attention many years ago. Today I usually view it as just another step on the way to better things.

I can say with all honesty that Sumire performs the best rendition of the tit wank that I have ever experienced. With the addition of the nuru nuru bath gel that comes as a “special gift” with longer sessions at Tokyo Style it is simply amazing. The oral that intersperses the shower and bath time isn’t bad either mind you. In fact it’s great. The boob banging is just the thing that stands out most.

Happy ending

After the bath Sumire washes off the client with fresh water than dries him off with a towel. She then prepares the bed by laying down a number of towels that she brought in her box of tricks. She puts on some low level relaxing music and begins the oil massage with both parties fully nude.

While the Tokyo Style experience is basically intended to be a full release massage session I would guess that a lot of people who book appointments are less interested in getting their back rubbed than other things. Still it’s a good lead up. Sumire isn’t the best massage therapist in the world but she does a very decent and thorough job covering all the spots and causing no pain whatsoever.

After a lengthy back massage and a bit of front massage the real fun begins. Sumire is good for doing little tricks like placing a little towel over the customer’s eyes so he can’t see but only feel what’s going on during the build up. Once things are in full swing the towel is removed to give full view of Sumire in all of her glory.

A mix of uncovered oral, hand play and the aforementioned paizuri helped with a small amount of top end lubrication is then provided in a way that is very enjoyable. This goes on for some time until things finally come to their logical conclusion usually in the sixty nine position providing the best possible view. Sumire makes sure to keep things going at the right pace up until the very end which compares favorably to providers who sometimes stop just when things are about to pop.

After the climax Sumire slowly wipes up any mess and gives the customer a little time to rest and relax before taking him back to the bathroom for a final shower. She then showers herself and joins the customer for a little chat to round out the few minutes that are left. The customer is left fully relieved and wanting to book another session as soon as time and funds allow.

For all of the above reasons and more I would say that Sumire is one of the better providers easily accessible to foreigners visiting the land of the rising sun. Taking everything into account I can very fairly give her four-and-a-half stars which is just a half star short of the elusive five stars that I have only given out a few times.

I write for the entertainment of the readers of this website and nothing more. No one is under any obligation to view my words as anything other than something fun to read. If the ever rising number of viewers here is anything to go by there are many people who either enjoy Rockit Reports or have some other reason to give it a look.

Sumire is one of the few women at Tokyo Style who updates her mini blog on the site on a very regular basis. Reading it verifies that I am not the only person who thinks Sumire does a good job. She is fully booked nearly every day. There are also numerous glowing reviews left by customers on her profile page.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 03-5956-9123
Hours:2:00 PM - 4:00 AM
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