Review: Sora at Tokyo Style in Tokyo, Japan


As returning readers of this website know I have been reporting on Tokyo Style pretty regularly since first mentioning the company in March last year. One reason I give the place so much attention is that it is honestly one of my favorite services in all of Tokyo.

Back in June I wrote my first review of an individual provider at Tokyo Style. In that review of Sumire I stated that I would do more reviews of that type in the future. I will keep my word by doing a write up of Tokyo Style staff member Sora today. I can honestly say that Sora is one of the best providers I have met in Japan even after years of exploring. It turns out I didn’t need to search so much to find quality since Tokyo Style is totally open to foreigners and can even cater to customers who can’t speak a lick of Japanese or read a single kanji character.

Sora at Tokyo Style

Even a brief look at Sora’s profile on the Tokyo Style site shows that she is quite the looker. While adult companies typically display heavily edited photos on their websites I can say with certainty that the photographs of Sora are totally accurate. Her skin is smooth as silk and the same color shown in the pictures. No skin lightening or blemish removal needed.

Sora looks great

The only surprise for me was that Sora actually looks younger in person than she does in her photos. This is the opposite of what usually happens with ages and photos being fudged to the point that recognition can be tough or even impossible. I would say that Sora could easily pass for 23 in Japan and even younger in a Western country like the US or the UK. Her personal style plays into that too.

The Tokyo Style website describes Sora as having a “slow character.” Although this isn’t necessarily the most natural form of English one can write in it is totally accurate in my experience. If I was writing the site I would probably change it to say that she is soft and sweet though I can definitely understand why things as they are. I’m happy that the company even makes the effort to reach out to English speaking foreigners especially considering that so many others in Japan refuse non-Japanese customers entirely.

Sora’s style

Sora is very subdued and soft spoken. She doesn’t wear a ton of cosmetics but she doesn’t need to. She has a real natural beauty that is hard to find. She doesn’t have the world experience that some others do since I don’t think she has ever left the country. This can be viewed as an attribute though as she has a genuinely Japanese sensibility.

Although she is short in stature and petite Sora’s body is quite simply amazing and she has one of the nicest pairs of breasts I have seen anywhere. Her profile says she has a Japanese G cup which is the equivalent of a F cup in the UK or a DDD in the US. I don’t know how accurate that is because despite my experience I am still not an expert in bra sizes but her boobs are definitely big and beautiful. They are topped by pert nipples of the perfect length situated in the middle of soft round areolas. At the risk of sounding like a complete and total pervert I would say that her rack is really a masterpiece that looks as if it was assembled by a master sculptor.

The rest of her body is great too. Her face is very pretty, her legs and posterior are wonderful and her overall shape is very attractive. Everything from the top down to her toes is soft and smooth. Because of her style she might not turn every head on the street but if she was dancing in an all nude strip club she’d certainly draw the attention of every guy in the place.

No disappointment

In my review of Sumire at Tokyo style I said that she has one of the best pairs of tits I have seen. That remains true but I would say that Sora tops her out a slight bit in that regard. Of course this is based on my personal taste and it is totally possible that others would think that the opposite is true. In any event I doubt that there is a red blooded heterosexual male on the planet that would be disappointed by either.

I also mentioned that Sumire doesn’t have her ears pierced in the write up I did on her. That’s also true of Sora though the similarities pretty much end there. Sora providers a totally different style of services even if she does go through the same motions. While Sumire is bright and bubbly when working with customers Sora is a lot softer and laid back.

More about Sora

Sora has a pretty good grasp of English that can get her through any session without trouble though one may have to reach for Google translate if they want to discuss any topics out of the norms of general conversation. She is quiet but certainly willing to talk. If the customer doesn’t initiate she may be more limited in what she says but she is a decent conversationalist when things get going. Those who like things quiet and relaxing would also find her pleasant since she is certainly no chatterbox.

Sora has a lot of varied interests but one that sticks out is cartooning. She has worked as a Japanese manga artist. Though she quit since the pay is so low, she continues to draw on her own every single day. She displays quite a lot of skill in this regard which carries on to other tasks she performs by hand.

Sessions with Sora

Sessions with Sora follow the same route as appointments with others at Tokyo Style. She arrives and has a brief chat with the customer. Then she disrobes and reveals her amazing body before having the customer disrobe. She gives a nice stand up soapy wash in the shower then moves to the bath. If the right type of session is booked she fills the tub with slippery nuru gel. She then gets into the bath tub with the customer. Here things are a bit different.

While some of the more forward providers like Sumire and Risa go into an active nuru body slide at this point Sora takes more of an intimate approach simply cuddling up against the customer. If the customer is more active he can let his hands roam all over her body except for the areas between her legs. If not he can simply enjoy the closeness. This is a part of the overall approach of Sora which is as close to a girlfriend experience (“GFE”) as one can find so easily in the capital of Japan.

The term GFE has different meanings. The original at least where I come from was unprotected full service which would be similar to what a girlfriend and a boyfriend would do. As time went on the meaning changed for some people and came to mean an experience that was more like dating. Today this seems to be the most common meaning. The girlfriend experience is thus the more romantic style which is the polar opposite of the hardcore porn star experience (“PSE”).

A session with Sora could be very accurately be compared to a pampering from a real girlfriend though since full service is off the table it could be something like a special night of fun during the girlfriend’s time of the month.

Happy ending

After the shower and bath comes the massage. Sora has a set of essential oils that she lays out and lets the customer choose from. Tea tree oil seems to be her favorite. She is a very good massage therapist and her little hands can work their ways into all the parts of the body to push any pain away.

After massaging the back and legs for some time Sora has the customer turn over and she begins the special services. Depending on the session booked this could be done by hand or a combination of hand and mouth. Here too Sora is more laid back but after all I’ve seen and experienced around the world I actually find it quite refreshing. Again it really reminds me of the kind of intimate activity a caring girlfriend might engage in though if more girlfriends were like this it is unlikely that the sex industry would be as big as it is today.

Sora is certainly no clock watcher and she is willing to go for as long as it takes at least within reason. Even when the alarm does go off she doesn’t simply rush off into the next room. She continues her soft approach and warmly winds things up in the fashion of a date coming to a close.

After a final shower the parties involved get dressed again and Sora bids a fond adu to the customer before heading out the door. One is left wanting more when she does.


I have never been a huge fan of the more modern meaning of the girlfriend experience. I know there are many who seek it out but I’ve always said that if I wanted to experience a girlfriend I would find one. When paying for fun I generally prefer a straight forward and skilled approach. In this case I have to make an exception because in my opinion Sora is wonderful.

Sora only works a few days a week and seems to be booked fairly often. I can understand why. The reviews of her all seem to be positive and I understand that too. She isn’t the kind of over the top and forward performer one might find at the most hardcore Thai oily massage but that is a big part of the allure. She provides similar services to others but the experience is so much different that it really stands out. With all the activity I participate in some things can disappear from memory in a matter of minutes. I don’t think I will ever forget my time with Sora even if old age ever does get the best of me.

As one of my all time favorite service providers in Tokyo and a very sexy and attractive women open fully open to foreign customers I think Sora deserves five stars. I’m not giving that score here though. Instead I am giving her four-and-a-half stars in this review. I do this in part because I recognize that while any guy with a pulse would love how she looks in the nude there may be some that wouldn’t put a soft approach like hers at the top of the list. Really though I do it to give a small margin of error in case I have finally lost the plot and fallen head over heals for a sex worker.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 03-5956-9123
Hours:2:00 PM - 4:00 AM
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