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The half way point of June is approaching. Days continue to turn and another summer emerges. As we continue on toward the fifth anniversary of this website’s creation I present another review of an individual service provider in Tokyo. Today I will tell you about the escort Satomi at Made in Japan.

As stated previously there has been a real effort in recent years to paint a more complete picture of local commercial sex scenes by covering individuals along with entire enterprises.

Satomi at Made in Japan

Satomi is on the short side but she has a lot of physical appeal. The many photographs of Satomi on the Made in Japan website are entirely accurate and representative of her real looks. It doesn’t seem that much if any editing has been done at all.

Satomi is a very attractive woman. She has a beautiful face and a nice style. Her attitude is good too. She is friendly and service oriented. She speaks a decent level of English and seems eager to meet customers from around the world. She also seems to be an intelligent young lady who is perhaps wise beyond her years.

Satomi at Made in Japan

She is also petite. Satomi has a small waste and backside and handful size cups in front. Overall her body is relatively fit. She doesn’t have any tattoos and unlike so many women in the world today she doesn’t shave her pubic hair either.

Made in Japan bills itself as a “high class escort agency” and has prices to match. A lot of places through these kinds of phrases around but with women like Satomi on staff the description is accurate.

Legal prostitution in Japan

Satomi is very clearly a class act. She carries herself in a way that displays sophistication and grace. Everything from her dress and makeup to the way she talks and acts show this.

That doesn’t mean that she cannot get naughty of course. Obviously she can which is proven by the line of work she has selected and the types of services she offers.

As mentioned in past reviews of Made in Japan and its staff the laws in Japan officially prohibit the sale of vaginal intercourse. Other adult services like oral and anal are allowed. Most every delivery health and legal escort service in the country thus restricts vaginal sex in its rules.

There are women who break those restrictions in the privacy of hotels and apartments with some frequency but there’s no way to know when and how often they do so. A woman might get worked up and offer full service to a customer one night only to turn around and refuse the same act to her next ten customers.

Satomi’s services

Satomi seems to stick by the rules in most cases though obviously I have no way to know that for sure. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that a guy had been able to go further with her or any other woman at Made in Japan for that matter. These sorts of things do happen in the land of the rising sun.

In any event Satomi is sufficiently skilled even when limited to the kinds of services local law permits. She may not have the greatest oral abilities in the world but she knows what she is doing. It is doubtful that any man leave a session with Satomi without feeling satisfied.

Since Satomi acts a lot more like a Japanese girlfriend than a call girl I actually imagine that most of the men she visits feel that their needs have been totally met. Anyone who comes in contact with the industry knows that there are millions of guys around the world paying money every day to emulate the girlfriend experience.

Ultimately the best aspects of Satomi’s service style may be the little touches she ads and the way she behaves. While the services she offers are obviously oriented to adults look for some erotic fun a lot of guys also turn to services like Made in Japan simply to spend time around lovely ladies that they may otherwise not have access too.

When Satomi does things like slowly bathing customers with care or putting in real effort to massage a painful spot even after the main event is over it shows that she really aims to please. Most men probably wouldn’t hope for any more than that. Four stars.

Note: Made in Japan has closed.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 036-255-1896
Hours:7:00 PM - 4:00 AM
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