Review: Sana at Mitu Massage in Bangkok, Thailand


Hundreds of establishments and adult entertainment service providers across dozens of countries have been covered on the pages of Rockit Reports over the years. This coverage has only scratched the surface of the immense industry that exists around the world.

As time goes on this site intends to continue to increase the scope of coverage so that more can be uncovered for the entertainment of its readers. For the most part this means that any particular location or place will only be covered once if it is indeed covered at all. At the same time some places and people that for whatever reason are more interesting than others may be covered repeatedly in order to flesh things out.

Mitu Massage is a very popular and complex massage shop in Bangkok. The place has expanded greatly since it was first mentioned on this website a little over a year ago. Today Mitu Massage maintains its original Japanese-style massage parlor and is doing well.

While things including the Mitu Massage website changed around a bit in the early days everything seems to have settled and the shop is now providing a lot of entertainment to a lot of people. Having a multilingual manager who is attentive to customer needs surely plays a part in that. The high level of service also contributes. As with any place of this type however the staff ultimately probably has a deciding role.

Sana is one of the most popular women working the Japanese-style massage section of Mitu Massage. A former office worker she apparently finds it a lot more fun and lucrative to work in a place like this. At least that is what I assume since she has been doing it for several months and openly and proudly displays her smiling face for all to see on the Mitu Massage website.

Sana is in her mid thirties. She is of average height but a lot more top heavy than most. She is probably of average weight or less for a Thai lady of her age but her bosoms are certainly larger than almost all local ladies who are similar in stature. This is all natural without any sort of enhancement.

Of course Sana does go out of her way to fix herself up nicely from her undergarments to her outer dress. She also applies the kinds of cosmetics one would expect at a high level massage outfit like Mitu. This is more than some in the industry do today but it doesn’t necessarily set her apart that much from everyone else. It is her service that does that.

The body-to-body soapy slide made its way out of the Japanese soaplands to the rest of the world. There are now nuru nuru shops and services in many countries. Some have even popped up in the city of New York. For the most part these services are more of a draw to bring customers in than the type of thing that any regular customer would look forward to. More than a few men have even described them as boring and routine like a slightly more erotic version of the mechanical shower high turnover prostitutes require in many places.

When the body-to-body slide is done right however it is clear why the practice caught on to begin with. Most men around the world will never experience a genuine high end slide. It is for the most part limited to the soaplands of Japan which are off limits to foreigners with a few exceptions.

The body-to-body slides performed at soapy massage complexes in Thailand are perfunctory when they are performed at all. A lot of service providers don’t even bother with them in these places anymore.

In a past write up I explained that Mitu Massage is the closest thing to a Japanese soapland I have come across outside of Japan. That remains true today. The fact is demonstrated by service providers such as Sana who really put their all into their mat work.

Sana spends a lot of time on the inflatable mat when working with customers. While cleaning every inch of her customers she also throws in the right amount of eroticism and flare to keep it interesting. The wash process then prepares customers for the rest of the service in more ways than one.

Sana performs oral and full services with a higher level of gusto and skill than most others in the local adult massage industry. It seems that the prior is usually done without a cover. Of course the rest is always done with protection.

Although she says she has not been in the game for long Sana could probably teach many things even to some long time professionals working big soapy massages around town. Her skills are honestly of a very high level. If all women could figure out how to develop such talents I’m sure more men would be walking around with smiles on their faces. I give her four stars.

Address:Sukhumvit Soi 33/4, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Phone:+66 095-851-0672
Hours:11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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