Review: Sakura at Paradise in Kawasaki, Japan


Sakura is a full service provider working out of the gaijin friendly Paradise soapland in Kawasaki. I have mentioned her in the past on this website. She has gained a reputation in some circles for her eagerness and especially her large derriere.

Due to laws and practices in Japan most of the many sex shops in the country do not accept non-Japanese customers especially if they cannot speak Japanese. For the same reason vaginal intercourse is not officially available at most commercial sex shops. Apparently the wording of Japanese law does not define the sale of oral or even anal sex as prostitution since it only mentions vaginal intercourse.

Sakura at Paradise soapland

Prostitution has a habit of persisting even in the face of extreme repression so it’s no surprise that more than a few place and providers actually do provide vaginal intercourse in practice. At the same time many shops and staff like those at Tokyo Style do totally follow the law and prohibit vaginal intercourse all together. In those shops customers who even ask for vaginal intercourse can run into problems.

The famed soaplands of Japan are the only fuzoku outlets where full service vaginal intercourse is offered to customers routinely. With the exception of a handful of foreigner friendly soaplands and Paradise however they are almost entirely limited to Japanese customers.

I have heard two different explanations for why soaplands can get away with offering full service as a matter of course without running afoul of the law. The first is that soaplands have been around for so long that they are grandfathered in and not subject to laws that came along after they were already open for business. The other common explanation is that customers actually pay a soapland only for a bathing time and not any sexual activities. I don’t know which is true but if it is the latter that could explain why some soaplands ask customers for a bathing fee with additional money handed over to the service providers in the privacy of the room.

That would apparently not apply at Paradise however since customers there pay their entire fee up front to one of the native English speakers on staff at the desk which makes me wonder if there is indeed any truth to it at all. I plan to investigate further in the future but I can’t make any promises. When looking into soaplands there are a lot of distractions. I can promise to keep writing about these kinds of places and the people who work in them however.

As I explained earlier, Sakura is quite curvy. She is also short and her small frame sports several somewhat oddly placed tattoos. She has a cute or kawaii way of speaking that a lot of guys are into. She pretty much looks exactly as she does in her photos.

Sakura has apparently put in for some training though which is a bit of a change. Either that or she has just put in so much practice over the last months that she has gained in experience immensely. Sakura has really upped her game and it shows.

Sakura was never a slouch. I thought that mat play was fantastic when I first met her. I would now say that it is even one degree higher than fantastic whatever that would be. Incredible? Amazing? Those are subjective judgements but what can I say?

The subject here is Sakura and the way she works. It does not surprise me at all to find that continues to work at Paradise where she is very popular even as some other women formerly on staff have drifted away from the business or at least Paradise in particular. Sakura seems set but not set in her ways which can only help bring her new customers along with lots of repeat business. Four stars.

Note: Paradise has closed.

Address:Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki City, Kawasaki Ward, Minami-cho, 15-5 (Map)
Phone:+81 044-272-1300
Hours:8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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