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I have been reporting on the Tokyo Style erotic massage company in Japan since 2014. If all goes well I will continue reporting on it well into the future mainly through reviews of individual women on staff.

Tokyo Style continues to be one of the most straight forward and reliable adult services open to foreigners in all of Tokyo and probably the entire country. Serving English speaking foreigners is not the only thing the company has going though. If it did Tokyo Style would not have as many Japanese speaking customers as it does.

Rin from Tokyo Style massage

Rin, who is not to be confused with Rina or Rinka, is a twenty-seven year old woman who has been with Tokyo Style for some time.

As an average-sized Japanese woman Rin could most accurately be described as a “girl next door” type when it comes to looks and disposition. With several years spent working for a few different adult companies this description may not be totally accurate but since the Japanese commercial sex is so large there are most likely more “regular girls” serving as sex workers than people may imagine.

Rin has small breasts and a round and curvy ass with legs to match. Her hair is a little over her shoulders and usually curled. Her skin is smooth and light in tone. Her pubic hair is non-existent and things will remain that way as she has gone through laser hair removal treatment to keep her in a perpetual paipan state. With all of this said her smile may still be her best feature. While not fluent in English Rin has a very good grasp of the language that helps her to navigate through appointments and even hold conversations of some depth.

Rin is definitely a professional though that doesn’t necessarily mean that she is hardened or mechanical in her ways. Rather it indicates that she is skilled and knows where to focus her time and energy. While some service providers spend a lot of time on the massage and less on the happy ending service Rin focuses more on the sensual side of things.

Sessions with Rin go basically as they do with anyone else at Tokyo Style. Rin arrives and introduces herself before setting up her things. Next she asks the customer to select one of several available aroma oils and puts on some soft music. That is her cue to strip down into sexy panties before finally getting fully nude usually with customer help. From there things move to the bathroom where Rin cleans the customer before cleaning herself. After that things head back to the bedroom so that the service can continue.

Rin’s massage isn’t bad at all but it’s clear that she is no expert masseuse. That’s most likely fine with her as I doubt that many people book the girl solely for a back rub. It’s a lot more likely that customers go with her on the basis of her looks, her availability or her reputation as a skilled sex worker with intimate knowledge of oral.

Beyond being personable and fun it is sucking where Rin really shines. She will perform the lesser services that end with hand job happy endings but her specialty is the uncovered blowjob. She really puts her all into this and actually seems to enjoy her work. She has plenty of enthusiasm and even more stamina. Although she is not up to the level of some of the real experts around the world who can go deep almost forever Rin definitely knows her way around the meat stick. The biggest problem with her technique is that Rin backs up and lets the juices fly through the air when customers complete their enjoyment rather than buckling down and taking it all down the hatch. Even so it is not likely than any men finish a session with her feeling unsatisfied. Fans of the ruined orgasm may even leave elated.

Rin tries hard to please and is pleasant to look at and be around. Her experience shows in everything she does and helps to make her sessions very exciting though she could add to her repertoire by following through to the end. Rin isn’t the best looker or performer at Tokyo Style but the competition is very stiff. With everything taken into consideration I think she deserves a solid three-and-a-half stars.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 03-5956-9123
Hours:2:00 PM - 4:00 AM
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