Review: Rika at Paradise Kawasaki in Kawasaki, Japan


Rika is a short and slim service provider at Paradise Kawasaki. Rika is a Japanese woman through and through. Indeed Japanese is the only language she can communicate in. Yet she is totally open to working with foreigners and even seems to prefer it. Hence her employment at Paradise.

For years it was difficult and in some cases impossible for foreigners to get service at soaplands in Japan. Things started to get easier a few years ago as more soapland began to open their doors to gaijin. But services and selection were still usually limited. Everything changed when the Paradise Soapland opened in Kawasaki. As reported here in the past the shop is actually oriented towards foreigners with business transacted in English.

Some providers in Tokyo’s foreigner friendly sex shops are perhaps more “westernized” than others. Different guys are looking for different things. So some may prefer one style or approach to another. But Rika provides a real Japanese-style experience that any man can appreciate.

All about Rika

Rika is not to be confused with Erika who featured here recently. Both are J-girls through and through. Erika is curvy and forward. But Rika is petite and slightly more demure. Rika is also a few years older than Erika though that doesn’t have any bearing on her service.

Rika Japanese soapland prostitute

I would say that Rika is a very good looking girl. I imagine most guys would find her pretty whether they hailed from Osaka or Ohio. She has universally appreciated features. Although big butts seem to be hailed in many parts of the world today I can still find myself attracted to a nice slender figure as well. Rika has that with a small backside and legs that are very visually appealing.

Rika is perhaps a little bustier than her photos on the Paradise website may indicate as well. She isn’t packing away a huge set of sweater puppies by any means. But she isn’t flat either. Her bra definitely has something to hold up during the day.

Rika in Paradise

Although Rika is a fully Japanese gal I wouldn’t say her service style is necessarily a traditional Japanese soapland style. The reason for that is that she actually seems to enjoy chatting with customers before and in part even during service. Rather than having a “customer is God” approach from beginning to end she acts like a girlfriend who wants to help her man relax.

In terms of actual service level Rika is good. At a purported twenty nine years of age she still has a vibrant look. But she has clearly had some experience. She knows her way around a man’s body. So she can give a blowjob like a champion and she is not hesitant to use her mouth at all. Early on she throws in suck samples during the showering stage. Later on she does a lot more of the same and gets more exploratory with her tongue and lips. No parts are safe from Rika’s hungry mouth.

Her sex service is quite enthusiastic. She seems comfortable in pretty much any position. And she either gets into it and off from of it or she is also trained in the art of acting. Her moans and groans sure seem genuine. They echo off the soapland room walls as she hurdles towards the finish line. But her sounds are those of a woman enjoying herself rather than the shrieks and squeals so common in Japanese porn.

Rika is certainly no fresh amateur that just got into the industry. But I wouldn’t necessarily classify her as a MILF either. In my view she is just a real experienced professional who knows how to please a man. And she’s willing to go the extra mile too. So she provides exactly the kind of service I would expect at a soapland in Japan. Three-and-a-half stars.

Note: Paradise has closed.

Address:Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki City, Kawasaki Ward, Minami-cho, 15-5 (Map)
Phone:+81 044-272-1300
Hours:8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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