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Review: Radio City in Bangkok, Thailand

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Radio City is one of the newest go go bars in Bangkok’s Patpong adult entertainment area. While this section of Silom has taken a bit of a hit in recent years that seems to have to do more with reputation than reality. There are still some very good bars in Patpong. And plenty of attractive women.

Radio City Music Hall is a famous concert venue in New York. Radio City Bangkok is not nearly as well known. In fact few people seem to talk about this go go bar at all.

gogo bar dnacers in patpong

The club is owned by the same people as the better known Bada Bing agogo. But while the Bing is very popular Radio City seems to fall under the radar to some extent.

I am not sure exactly why that is. This bar is in a prime location. It has a lot of ladies on staff. There are plenty of babes in the mix too. They look especially great in their bikinis. Prices are not necessarily cheap. But they are on par for the area. The bar has a good design too.

Location and layout

None of this is to say that Radio City is empty. On the contrary it can get down right busy at times. I just can’t help but wonder what steers so many guys into some of the lesser bars. From my viewpoint Radio City is as good or better than some go go bars in Bangkok where you struggle to find a seat.

Radio City is located on Patpong Soi 1. It is just down the street from King’s Castle 1. Radio City is on the same side of the soi as the old Rose Bar. The place is easy to find with plenty of lighting and signs out front. There is usually a lady or two near the entrance beckoning customers in as well.

radio city go go bangkok

Inside the bar is spacious and well designed. There are comfortable seats spread around with the usual raised stage. Except that this stage isn’t so usual. It has a unique shape with bent edges. You can sit up front without getting a kink in your neck or a kick in the face. Yet you can still see everything that is going on.

There are no high stepping Rockettes on stage here. But the women who dance at this Radio City get a lot more intimate with their customers. From my perspective that is better than any cold rehearsed show.

Staff, prices and summary

There are a few dozen women working Radio City on good nights. They range in looks with most being around average. There are some standouts in the group with gorgeous faces and very fit bodies. Most notable here is the absence of tattoos. At a time when the majority of go go bar dancers seem to be heavily inked this is quite noticeable. I don’t know if the bar actually tries to hire ladies free from tattoos. But there definitely less inked up gals here than in a lot of other Bangkok agogos.

You don’t see a lot of plastic surgery here either. I am sure some of the ladies at Radio City have had work done. But if so it is not noticeable. There are few visible nose or boob jobs on display. You expect that from the coyote dancers. But it’s nice to see a more natural lineup overall. It’s easy to forget how good a natural Thai lady can look. Especially if you missed out on the good old days.

thick thai bar girls

Otherwise Radio City is a go go bar like most others. Lady drinks cost 200 Baht ($5.50 USD). Ladies can be bar fined too. But the bar likes to keep them on stage until at least 10:00 PM. This sort of thing happens in some Pattaya go go bars too. I am not a fan of the policy but it’s not necessarily out of the ordinary.

The dancers at Radio City are mostly keen to do barfines and make some extra money outside of the bar. They like going to nearby short time hotels most. But most will travel further out when required. Everything is always negotiable in these kinds of places. Generally speaking the dancers at Radio City want between 3000 and 5000 Baht ($84-140 USD) for full service. It all depends on the situation, the distance, and how long they’re expected to stay.

Is this the greatest place on earth? Definitely not. But Radio City is a pretty good example of a modern Thai go go bar. They have set up a pretty good business and hired a fair number of ladies. There are no rip offs or hidden charges. Everything is up front and transparent. The place is more expensive than pretty much any erotic massage parlor in Bangkok. But it is a go go bar so that is to be expected. Just like its sister shop Bada Bing I think Radio City deserves three-and-a-half stars.

Radio City, Patpong Soi 1, Silom, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from until.

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