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Review: Ore no 26 in Bangkok, Thailand

Ore no 26 is a Japanese owned massage parlor in Bangkok. It seems to be little known by Westerners though it is popular with Japanese and other Asian guys. They may appear to be by design. Everything from the name of the shop to its promotions are done in Japanese. But that really just reflects the management of the place. Farang guys are just as welcome inside as guys from the land of the rising sun.

The name “Ore no 26” basically means “my 26”. There are different ways to say “I” or “me” in Japanese. Some relate to levels of formality or intimacy. Ore is a word that guys can use with close friends. So the name is sort of like saying, “hey guys, welcome to my place on Soi 26.” At least that’s what I take away from it as a non-native speaker.

If I am correct it would make sense since the massage parlor is run by a rather jovial Japanese guy. He also seems to be in charge of a handful of other places with similar setups and reputations. He does plenty of promotion on his own online that is all in Japanese. But if he happens to be inside a place when non-Japanese punters show up he is quite welcoming and hospitable.

Ore no 26 massage

Ore no 26 is not exactly right out in the open. But it is not difficult to find either. As the name and the above would suggest the shop is located on Sukhumvit Soi 26. More precisely it is located inside the third small alley to the right when traveling south from Sukhumvit. The main obstacle to locating the place is spotting the sign in a sea of lights and words. The front of the shop isn’t all that big either. But Ore no 26 is there where all the maps say it is.

inside ore no 26 massage

Inside the place has a rather small and somewhat cluttered lobby. A euphemistic real estate agent might describe it as “cozy” and “lived in”. There are comfortable chairs along the left side and a place in back for the receptionist to sit. The ladies on staff come out and line up against the right wall while customers sit in the chairs and look them over.

A wide variety of services are available. They are all detailed on a price list that is presented to customers. The cheapest service comes in the form of a twenty minute handjob course for 1000 Baht ($33 USD). The most expensive is a ninety minute full service massage for 2700 Baht ($89 USD). A standard 65 minute full service course runs 2500 Baht ($83 USD) which is around the standard for these kinds of places today.

Services and summary

There are several types of erotic massage parlors in Thailand including oily massage and soapy massage shops. But things can be classified further. In Bangkok there are some places that follow what could vaguely be described as an “East Asian” model. In these East Asian style places the staff tends to be closer to the Asian idea of beauty meaning taller, thinner and lighter skin. The service in these places also tends to be quite customer oriented. The women basically perform a service while the customers sit back and relax.

Another model could perhaps be described as more “western”. These places tend to staff women further from the idea of beauty common to Asia. The ladies are typically go with the flow and may even wait for the customers to take the lead in some cases. Sessions can be more like casual encounters than paid encounters. Though there are also the hardcore performers who take control and perform special services.

Of course things are not always black and white. Ore no 26 falls somewhere in between those two models. It is a Japanese run place but the service is nothing like what you see at soapland style shops such as the previously reviewed Doki Doki or Lan Massage. I guess the idea is to employ prettier gals who just happen to be a lot more passive.

There are some very attractive women to be found at Ore no 26. In fact I first went to place on a tip from some Japanese expats who suggested there was a incredibly busty natural beauty working inside. Most of the women I met there could be described as average however. And neither the service nor the small plain rooms were anything special. Two-and-a-half stars.

Ore no 26. 12/10 Sukhumvit Soi 26, Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Toei District, Bangkok, Thailand 10110. Click here for a map. Open every day from 10:00 AM until 12:00 AM. Phone: +66 095-562-6181. Website:

10 thoughts on “Review: Ore no 26 in Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. Ore No 26 has an active twitter account which regularly posts the day’s girls. You then can reserve the girl you like… probably the best way to go as the hottest girls, I think, get booked up quickly.

      1. To follow up, I went to Oreno 26 yesterday. I booked ahead a really cute 23 year old with a petite, sexy frame and beautiful naturally firm breasts. She was friendly enough and I had a great time. If she were in a gogo bar, she would be getting barfined left and right. Probably better for her that she isn’t.

  2. Thank you Rockit.
    Unfortunately, their website is currently being renewed.

    @ Derrick – would you mind sharing their Twitter account?

  3. Interesting.. THB 2500 for 65 min is described as around the standard here but the Hera’s Massage reviewed just recently is told expensive at THB 2400 :)
    For having tried both few times I’d rather spend that money on Soi 33 and I somehow agree with this review’s rating at 2.5 stars.

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