Review: Oil at Exotic Massage in Bangkok, Thailand


I first reported on Exotic Massage in Bangkok last year. More recently. I published a review of the shop that I described as an interesting place with a very extensive menu. As mentioned previously it can be difficult to cover a place with multiple staff members in detail since things can change between one person and the next. For that reason I occasionally write about individuals working at shops like Exotic Massage. The idea is to give a better picture of the place in question.

Most readers seem to really enjoy this more detailed coverage. A few may not but if so they haven’t said much in the comments.

Regardless these sorts of posts will continue to appear here though a planned increase in the publication at Rockit Reports in the near future will also bring many other kinds of posts too. There should be something for everyone.

Oil at Exotic Massage

Oil is a 25 year old Thai woman working at Exotic Massage. The pictures of her on the Exotic Massage website are fairly accurate if a little touched up. Oil has a large bottom and a small top but she somehow still looks very proportioned. She also has a great smile.

She has a youthful appearance even though Oil sports a Thai tattoo on her back and does appear to have had some plastic surgery. In any event she certainly doesn’t appear to be her age which makes sense considering her background.

Oil at Exotic Massage Bangkok

Oil is new to the adult entertainment industry. She only recently decided to enter the field but Oil seems determined to learn the ropes. Apparently she sought out the work after hearing about a friend making a good salary doing the same kind of thing.

As odd as it may sound to some outsiders there are educational programs in place that women like Oil follow. Usually it means talking to an experienced service providers and often times even watching her in action. Oil seems to have learned well. She may even have taken her name from someone else in the same line of work since so many massage gals use it but I can’t be sure about that.

Style, skill, summary

Possibly because she is so new to the game Oil can be a little shy and stand offish. She is committed to her work however and appears to be eager to please even though a tough exterior and some level of face get in the way.

Ultimately Oil likes her work. She has taken the time to study the wide variety of options available at Exotic Massage. At this point she is reasonably skilled in most of the services offered. As time goes on she will surely get better.

Customers who patronize shops like Exotic Massage are all different. Some men seek out the best looking women. Some look for the most skilled women. Others find joy in being one of the first customers a new woman spends time with. Then there are the differences in service preference.

Oil is certainly not the most beautiful woman in Thailand but I believe that most guys would find her attractive especially as a service provider. Oil is not the most skilled woman in Bangkok or even in her shop either but she has already developed ample skills that will mostly likely continue to improve. I find it difficult to imagine that she would leave any but the neediest of customers unsatisfied. Three-and-a-half stars.

Address:Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Phone+66 061-520-1165
Hours:11:00 AM - 12:00 AM
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