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The totally foreigner-friendly delivery health shop Tokyo Style has been a topic of discussion on this website since I first mentioned the company in a post back in early 2014.

In the time since I have done numerous reports on Tokyo Style including reviews of service providers who work there like Sora, Sumire and Yuzu. Obviously I hope to be able to review everyone on staff at Tokyo Style, but that would be difficult. The shop adds new women to its roster all the time and there is always an urge to repeat visits with top performers like Sora and the recently returned Sumire.

Nao at Tokyo Style massage

Today I will be doing a write up on Nao who has been at the shop for some time. As her customers reviews on the Tokyo Style website would indicate she is rather popular. I don’t think she would have stayed on board if she wasn’t.

The term “girlfriend experience” which is often shortened to GFE has been around for a long time. The original meaning had to do with condom use at least as far as I am aware. That seems to have changed at some point and the phrase has now commonly come to mean what it sounds like. That is an experience that resembles time spent with a girlfriend rather than a paid sex workers. This usage has become so well used that a movie by a major director was even made with the title “The Girlfriend Experience.” Apparently a television program with the same name followed though I haven’t watched it.

Nao doesn’t provide a girlfriend experience in either sense of the term. At least that is the case in short sessions. It would be difficult for anyone to provide the kind of experience a girlfriend does in under two hours and I’m not even sure it is desirable.

What Nao does provide is a genuine Japanese girl experience. While the reputation of so-called J-girls is legendary it is largely built on a hill of falsehoods and generalizations. I’m not big on stereotypes but I can say that Nao looks and acts the part that a guy who wanted to meet the kind of Japanese gal he has seen in videos would be satisfied with.

Nao is of average height for her country and has a petite body. Even though she is what would probably be called skinny in most Western countries today she has nice curves in the right places and a bum that looks great when Nao is bent over a bathtub getting slippery suds ready for a customer.

Facially Nao has the kind of characteristics one would expect to find in Japan. She has soft flowing black hair and nice pretty eyes.

Nao is warm and bubbly to the point of resembling a character out of a Japanese animation. At least that’s what I would guess. I have only been able to sit through one or two animated videos in my lifetime. In any event she is very cheerful and soft with a beautiful smile that she proudly displays with great frequency.

The Tokyo Style website says that Nao has a relatively high level of English speaking ability. That does seem to be true though she clearly prefers to speak her native language. No one can blame her for that.

Services with Nao go much as they do with the other women on staff at Tokyo Style. Nao arrives and introduces herself. She then turns on some soft music and asks the customer to select one of several available aromas to release into the room. This is followed by a bathroom session which gets both people clean in creative ways.

Once cleaned up and prepared customers are taken back to the bed where they are given a very good massage considering the circumstances. I don’t think Nao was ever a professionally trained masseuse but it seems she has taken to the craft well.

After the massage session customers are turned over as a naked and willing Nao provides the finishing touches. She is a real expert with her hands and can provide some of the best hand release to be found anywhere. She is also sufficient in providing oral services though unlike most of the women at Tokyo Style she does use a condom for that.

After the main event Nao leads customers back to the bathroom to clean up before fixing the room up and bidding them a found farewell.

Nao seems to really enjoy her work and likes to get to know people. Even more than that she likes to know that customers are enjoying their time in Japan. She is quite knowledgeable and can recommend things to do and places to eat though none of those can compare with the time one spends with Nao. I give her four stars.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 03-5956-9123
Hours:2:00 PM - 4:00 AM
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