Review: Nao at Paradise in Kawasaki, Japan


Nao is one of the many service providers working at the foreigner friendly Paradise soapland in Kawasaki. There are several women on staff at Paradise. But Nao is clearly one of the most beautiful. In fact, she’s one the best looking ladies in the industry.

I recently reviewed a gal named Sherry at Paradise. As I wrote, she stands out mainly due to her full body tattoo. That sort of thing is rare in Japan. Nao also stands out from the pack. But it is due to her undeniable beauty. Her English skills are basic, but I doubt any of her customers care. All she has to do is flash her smile and everything somehow seems alright.

Nao at Paradise

Nao is twenty one years old. She is of average height for a Japanese gal. Nao has a slim body but her backside is rather big and bubbly for her slender frame. In other words, she has the kind of figure that a lot of guys like. Especially in this part of the world.

Nao the soapland prostitute

Unlike the above mentioned Sherry, Nao has no tattoos at all. She isn’t shaved down below either. Instead she simply maintains her bush with a bit of clipping. She does apparently smoke, but I couldn’t notice when I met her. I had other things on my mind.

Nao’s best feature may be her eyes. But it is somewhat hard to pinpoint anything exactly. It is easier just to say that she is a very attractive lady. She is the kind of gal that you would notice in a crowded bar. That’s even true for someone like me who has really been around.

Nao’s soapland sessions

Japan is famous for the punctuality of its people. The fuzoko game is no exemption. Guys who regularly pay to play are known to complain about “clock watchers” all around the world. But in Japan, it is more or less known that you get what you pay for. A one hour session in Japan typically lasts exactly sixty minutes. And there’s nothing wrong with that per se.

But there are different approaches people can take. Some ladies look like they can’t wait for sessions to end. Or they waste a lot of time either in the beginning or end of an appointment. Nao is not one of those ladies. She starts from the minute the session begins and doesn’t end until the final bell rings.

I wouldn’t say Nao is overeager. It is just that she performs from the second things start and doesn’t stop until the session ends. She pays attention to her work and puts in the full effort. So everything from the beginning bathing to the ending salutations are done well. Nao is a real professional without every being mechanical.

I hesitate to say that Nao gives a “girlfriend experience” for a few reasons. The first is that different people interact in different ways. The second is that few girlfriends do things like full body bathing and a nuru nuru slide on an inflatable mat. The third is that not many men have girlfriends as good looking as Nao. Four stars.

Note: Paradise has closed.

Address:Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki City, Kawasaki Ward, Minami-cho, 15-5 (Map)
Phone:+81 044-272-1300
Hours:8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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