Review: Nana at Tokyo Style in Tokyo, Japan


I have written a lot about Tokyo Style in the years since my first write up about the company appeared here. For those who are not aware Tokyo Style is a foreigner oriented outcall happy ending massage service that offers a high level of service. Tokyo Style was one of the first adult businesses in Tokyo to cater to foreigners which really stands out in a country where most adult entertainment is off limit to those who hail from other parts of the world. Nana is one of the bustiest women on the Tokyo Style staff.

big oppai in bubble bath

There are a lot of people in the Japanese fuzoku industry who are named Nana. It is apparently quite popular. None of the women I have ever seen look much like Nana at Tokyo Style though. She stands alone. The main reason for that is her big breasts.

There is a stereotype floating around the world that Asian woman are flat both in front and back. People who have spent time in Asia or even just watched Japanese AV or seen Thai porn stars like Tittiporn know that the stereotype is not really based in reality.

Interestingly the idea that Asian women have no curves at all seems to be quite common in Colombia. The funny thing about that is that many women in Colombia actually have very small breasts even though the place is famous for curvaceous babes. Of course more than a few women in cities like Medellin have had large breasts and butts installed by doctors which is apparently a legacy of the Colombian cartels and their members’ penchants for full-bodied barbie dolls.

While big breasts are certainly not absent from Asia in general and Japan more specifically it is not common to see a woman with huge cups like Nana in Tokyo. She is no Hitomi Tanaka but her rack is pretty stupendous in its own right. Since she is not a large woman her bodacious breasts only stand out more.

Nana can speak English fairly well. She does not have any tattoos though she does have some holes in her ears for earrings. Perhaps she thinks those go nicely with pearl necklaces. I am sure she gets quite a few of those since she is a sort of queen of paizuri.

To put it more crudely Nana likes to titty fuck. I am sure that her customers do too. She isn’t bad at oral either and she offers that service with or without a rubber depending on the needs of her customers.

In every other regard Nana offers the kind of service that Tokyo Style is known for. She dresses well and wears high end matching lingerie under her clothes. She knows her way around the male body and can do everything from mutual showering to nuru nuru bath play and massage as one might expect. There is nothing really bad to say.

Nana is also one of the women at Tokyo Style who offers the new “luxury service”. This is a more intimate type of session that includes all sorts of things like kissing and face sitting. It takes things to the next level while still following the letter of Japanese law. Four stars.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 035-956-9123
Hours:2:00 PM - 4:00 AM
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