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Tokyo Style has long been a topic of discussion on this website. The shop was one of the first of its kind to emerge in Japan. By catering to foreigners rather than shunning them like most other adult entertainment businesses in the country, Tokyo Style carved out a real niche for itself.

While a handful of other companies did push off low quality levels to gaijin, Tokyo Style made the kind of high level “delivery health” that Japanese customers had been enjoying for years to the foreign born masses.

These are some of the reasons that coverage of Tokyo Style first appeared here back in 2014, while reports on individual service providers working at the company have continued to appear ever since. Many such reports were published in 2016. This is just the second of 2017.

Mion at Tokyo Style

Mion is a twenty-seven year old Japanese women who has been with Tokyo Style for some time. Her profile page on the Tokyo Style website is quite accurate in terms of the photographs it shows and the vital statistics it lists. While the main profile pictures are of course touched up a bit Mion’s frequently updated blog scroll on the side shows unedited pictures of the busty babe.

Mion at Tokyo Style

As anyone with eyes can see Mion has a large chest for a Japanese woman. She also has a large backside which is relatively rare for Japanese gals. Mion is not fat by any means. I wouldn’t even necessarily say she is chubby. Thick might be the best description of her body though even with a bit more heft than the average Japanese woman she is still very firm and shows no signs of being unhealthy. In fact “healthy” would be another way to describe her. She would most certainly appeal to fans of ample or curvy women.

Style and service

Mion dresses to the nines and presents an “authentic Japanese” aura. She has long wavy hair that appears to always be perfectly done. Like many Japanese gals she is a fan of short skirts, dresses and sexy stockings and lingerie. Customers see all of this first hand during sessions when she invites them to undress her. After that Mion goes right to work preparing the bed with soft luxurious brown towels and putting out aroma oils to set the mood.

Once things are setup customers are taken to the shower to be cleaned off from head to toe with a bit of erotic play thrown in to spice things up. From there they are led back to the bed where a long and thorough massage takes place.

Mion can speak English fairly well and is fun to chat with but she is also serious about her work. She asks customers where they hurt and sets about doing real massage maneuvers that a lot of adult oriented massage providers simply can’t or won’t do. Eventually the therapeutic massage Mion delivers transitions into teasing and then finally the main event.

Following the Tokyo Style system Mion performs hand and mouth services on customers depending on their desires and the types of sessions they book. Like the previously reviewed Saki however, Mion only performs oral on customers with a condom. One can hardly blame her for taking this measure in the name of safety but customers surely lose some pleasure when such barriers are put in place. Tokyo Style staff do carry a specially designed loose fitting condom that is made for blowjobs which does show concern for client pleasure but as the song says “Ain’t nothing like the real thing.”

Happy ending hands

On the other hand Mion is an expert at the soft touch. She is capable of doing things with her mitts that can bring absolute pleasure to men in ways that are comparable to much more hardcore acts offered elsewhere. Since there is almost no safety risk involved in such services a measure of relief and relaxation is also involved to both Mion and whoever she serves.

Once services conclude Mion again takes the lead. First she cleans up her customer in the bathroom and then she cleans up herself and finally the room before getting dressed and walking off into the neon glow of Tokyo’s streets.

After recent Japanese reports appeared here some commenters have made mention or even complained of the prices places like Tokyo Style charge. Often comparisons have been made to massage parlors in other countries like Vietnam that supposedly offer the same services for a lot less.

Obviously Japan is a much more expensive place than Vietnam. Tokyo is commonly referred to as the most expensive city in the world after all. While it is actually quite easy to visit or even spend significant time in Tokyo without spending tons of money and equally possible to spend a lot of dough in a place like Ho Chi Minh City the point remains.

Secondly the level of service offered by the women who work at Tokyo Style is difficult to match. Many people think Japanese women are among the most attractive in the world. Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder that is an issue best left to individuals to decide for themselves. Regardless the women at Tokyo Style go out of their way to provide top notch sessions that can’t really be compared to anything found elsewhere in the world.

In Japan they say “the customer is God.” It surely seems that way at Tokyo Style. Mion is one of the reasons that is true. Four stars.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 03-5956-9123
Hours:2:00 PM - 4:00 AM
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