Review: Mia at Paradise in Tokyo, Japan


Mia is one of the more experienced women working out of the Paradise soapland in Yoshiwara. At around thirty years of age she is one of the more mature gals at the shop too. Mia really knows her way around a man’s body. And she is very comfortable in any manner of sexual situations.

It seems that MILFs are becoming more popular across the board. MILF porn has been popular in the US for years. And there now lots of younger guys running around hunting for cougars. Apparently things are the same in Japan. Some of the most popular Japanese porn of the year has centered on women of a certain age.

Mia at Paradise

None of this is to say that Mia is old. Because she’s not. I actually think she is right around the peak of her sexuality. Or at least things appear that way. Because she is totally comfortable and forward. There’s no feeling of uncertainty with Mia. She gets right down to the sexual stuff, as I will go on to explain.

Mia soapland prostitute in Tokyo

Physically Mia looks good in my opinion. Her breasts aren’t large but they fit her body well. She has a short hairstyle that frames her face quite nicely. Her body is thin and feminine. With a defined back and a bell shaped bottom, Mia looks especially great from behind!

Mia’s English skills are very limited. But since she works at a soapland and is so straightforward, it doesn’t really matter. After all, how much conversation is required to pull a guy’s pants down and start giving him head? Blowjob bar workers do it all the time. Oral is an activity that erases all boundaries!

Mia’s soapland service

I focus on dick sucking here for a few reasons. One is that Mia gives a very good suck job. The other is that Mia seems quite eager to get a penis in her mouth, at least during her sessions. In most soaplands you expect to be thoroughly washed from top to bottom before any really sexual service is performed. But Mia had me in her mouth almost as soon as she undressed me.

At places like Tokyo Hentai Club some women offer this “instant blowjob” service for extra money. But Mia seems to be up for it as a standard part of service. I can’t be sure that just gets down on her knees and blows every guy who enters the room. But I can say that is obviously not opposed to popping a raw rod in her mouth either.

Mia is pretty good at the standard soapland services too, even if she might approach things in a reverse order. She knows how to clean a guy from top to bottom. And her nuru nuru slide on the inflatable mat is pretty good too. But she really shines and excels at oral. Though she certainly appears to enjoy riding on a salami more than sucking one, sucking is definitely her strong point.

As stated Mia is one of the more mature ladies at Paradise Yoshiwara. But she’s nothing like the old maids at Secret Touch. Mia is an experienced woman with a good body who is good at giving head. She’s eager to get started and she keeps on going until the final bell rings. Mia is the kind of woman who helped make Japanese soaplands famous around the world. Four stars.

Note: Paradise has closed.

Address:Tokyo Prefecture, Taito Ward, Senzoku, 4-21-1 (Map)
Phone:+81 036-240-6736
Hours:9:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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