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As regular readers of this website and otherwise observant people will know Japan is home to a gigantic adult entertainment industry that rivals anything else available in the world. Although there are sex shops of various types in nearly every part of Japan they often operate according to systems and sets of rules that can even seem like an enigma to locals. Add to that the language barrier and the fact that the majority of adult entertainment establishments in the Land of the Rising Sun do not accept foreigners and it is no wonder that most foreigners have no experience with the large and largely legal commercial sex scene in Japan.

In recent years some Tokyo establishments have come around to accepting foreigners. With economic issues and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics approaching it seems like more shops will follow the trend and open up to the outside world in the future. Then again who knows.

escort Marina at Made in Japan

At the moment the selection of shops open to gaijin is still limited. The number of places that actually make an effort to target or accommodate foreigners is even smaller. One such establishment is Made in Japan which I have already reviewed on this website. Today I report on one of the best and brightest women on their staff.

Marina is a twenty-four year old Japanese woman who not only accepts foreign customers but prefers them. On top of that she can speak conversational English at a level that surpasses most others in the local industry. Apparently Marina-chan has put a lot more effort into her English studies than the millions of others who have to study the language yet are unable or unwilling to speak it. Foreigners lacking ability in the local language could only find that to be a huge benefit.

The photos and video of Marina on the Made in Japan website accurate are totally accurate though they only show her body. Marina’s face is not shown which makes sense considering the nature of the work and the way that some people view it. By keeping her face concealed Marina is able to engage in the work without worry that she will be found out and somehow limited in her future endeavors. I find it hard to believe that anyone would have a problem with that.

In person Marina looks good as many Japanese women her age do. I don’t know that she would cause any guys on the street to snap their necks when walking by but I don’t think any normal red blooded man would throw her out of bed for eating crackers either.

Without clothes Marina looks even better. This may sound self evident but the fact is with so much cosmetics and shape forming clothes available in Japan today a lot of women are actually more attractive when in full kit than they do in their birthday suits.

Marina wears the kind of matching high quality lingerie to appointments as she does in the photos too which only compliments her body. Her posterior is probably her best asset in my opinion and it is made to look even better by her cute habit of walking around on the balls of her feet even when barefoot. Her breasts are also nice and complimented by small pink nipples.

As stated Marina can speak conversational English and do it quite well. She has a natural way of speaking though it can be a little slow at times. Still it is obvious that she tries hard and is learning. She doesn’t need to reach for a translator even when things get a little complicated which is a big step up from many others in the game who only know how to say things like “turn over,” “take shower” and “finish” or others who can’t even get those phrases out.

Marina is also a warm and kindhearted person. Little touches like looking into her clients eyes and holding his arm when going to and from a hotel room add to the experience which she genuinely seems to enjoy. Apparently she spent some time working in a soapland in the past which one would imagine could have easily burned her out on the whole scene though that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. Marina is an able oral provider and has no problem going at it for some time. She is also quite open to receiving as her hairless paipan intimate areas might indicate.

While I am no legal expert I have always been told that Japanese law permits the sale of sexual services like oral sex and handjobs but doesn’t allow the exchange of money for full service. The list of services on the Made in Japan website seems to confirm that. Still soaplands in places like Yoshiwara and Kawasaki offer full service as a regular practice and seem to have no problem. I imagine many delivery health women and escorts also offer full service to many clients when in the privacy of a hotel room or home since it will get them more and more loyal customers. In this way Marina seems open to sticking to her soapland service style roots when no one but the client is around though as they say “mileage may vary” between customers and even individual appointments. Ultimately what happens behind closed doors is up to the person providing the services. With companies explicit in charging only for time and companionship I think most people are okay with that. I don’t think Marina would leave many (if any) guys disappointed in any event.

Made in Japan isn’t the cheapest place in Tokyo by any means but it is certainly one of the most open and accommodating for foreigners especially considering the services rendered which tend to resemble a soapland more than a massage parlor. Those who value convenience, service and ease could easily justify the expense of booking an appointment with Made in Japan and as far as I can see Marina is one of the top gals employed there. Four-and-a-half stars.

Note: Made in Japan has closed.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 036-255-1896
Hours:7:00 PM - 4:00 AM
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