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Review: Love Teen Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

The first time I tried to visit Love Teen Massage I ended up at the shop next door instead, as I explained in my review of Dream Heaven Massage on the same street. It didn’t take me long after that little detour to visit Soi 33 again during business hours so I could see what the situation was like.

Love Teen is as easy to find as it gets. Traveling up Soi 33 from Sukhumvit in Bangkok it’s easy to see the place on the left, clearly marked by pink signage and a good number of girls sitting outside waiting for customers to arrive.

Inside Love Teen massage

Love Teen is a pretty big place for a Bangkok oily massage shop. It has a relatively spacious lobby and lots of rooms located up several flights of steps. The staff is also rather large with at least two dozen women employed. That doesn’t mean that 24 women will be there for each and every customer to choose from. I’m talking overall numbers.

Bee at Love Teen Massage

The female manager at Love Teen is attentive to customers who arrive at her shop but she’s neither as friendly or attractive as the women in charge of places like Cherry Massage, Bamboo Massage or even Dream Heaven next door. This may not matter to many but it’s something I do take into consideration. While the main service takes place in the massage rooms, the overall experience isn’t limited to that. And there’s also a question of spending money where it is most appreciated and perhaps most deserved.

I don’t want anyone to think that the management at Love Teen is terrible or anything like that. The woman who works the front desk at the shop definitely gets the job done and doesn’t mistreat customers or anything like that. I am simply stating a fact.

Staff and proceedure

A customer is given a list of services and makes a choice. Then he’s shown a book of over-airbrushed photos of the available women to choose from.

My attention was first drawn to Love Teen by what appeared to be an overall very beautiful and fit group of gals working it. That was my impression after passing by the joint in early 2013. During a recent visit I was slightly disappointed to find out that things had changed. It’s definitely possible that I just came at a bad time, but I can’t base a review on imaginary possibilities. I can only go by what I’ve seen first hand.

I don’t want to give the impression that the staff at Love Teen is terrible either. There were some nice looking ladies around when I stopped by, but they just weren’t up to the level that I expected. Again I am simply stating a fact, and I’m sure others may even disagree with me.

In my opinion a place with a name like Love Teen would do well to have a staff of fit women in the 19-24 age range. Surely that’s just a fantasy that sounds like it came out my earlier post on sex shops I’d like to see, but a name like “Love Teen” does conjure up a certain image. At least in my mind anyway.

There are some ladies on staff at Love Teen who are in their late 20’s, if not older. There are also some who are rather large and marked with stretch marks all over their stomachs. This isn’t out of the norm for a massage parlor in Bangkok, and of course there are tastes of all kind when it comes to customers, but based on what I had previously seen and heard, and the name, I was looking for something else.

Prices, surroundings and services

The prices at Love Teen are standard. There are all the usual options, and one can opt for an hour, 90 minutes or two hours. Prices are a tiny bit higher than average with a rub and tug going for 1000 Baht (31 USD) and an hour of massage with full service going for 2100 (65 USD). The fee is paid all at once.

While a few massage parlors may occasionally ask customers to pay in advance of service, it’s certainly not the norm. At Love Teen it does seem to be standard practice, at least from what I’ve seen. I don’t have a huge problem paying before the service begins at a place like this but I’m not a huge fan of the arrangement either. Why fix what isn’t broken? More importantly, why risk making the customer feel like they’re being questioned on their ability or willingness to play.

The facilities at Love Teen are just okay. The place a little run down but not more than a lot of the other shops operating around town. The rooms are a bit small and the air conditioners aren’t the greatest at cooling down a room. That is made even worse by the fact that one may be expected to climb as many as three flights of stairs to get to a massage room to begin with. After walking up Soi 33 in 100 degree weather, the last thing a guy wants to do is climb a mountain of stairs to reach a room with a barely-working air con unit.


On the plus side, the showers at Love Teen are kept clean and neat. Hair shampooing also seems to be a standard option here at no extra cost. I found that to be a nice touch and a little reminiscent of the hot tocs of Ho Chi Minh City.

The thing that probably matters most at a place like Love Teen Massage is the service provided by the masseuse. Here I found no faults whatsoever. The level of treatment provided is exactly what one expects, and maybe even more. Sure things can change with individual masseuses and clients, but it’s nice to know that in general things are done well in this department.

The ladies who work at Love Teen are also a friendly bunch who are happy to greet a new customer and have a chat. That’s certainly nothing to sneeze at, but in my opinion it’s not enough to draw in customers in such a crowded market.

When it comes right down to it Love Teen Massage is simply an average Thai oily massage parlor. Nothing more and nothing less. Because of that I’m going to give it a fittingly average score of two-and-a-half stars. I think this is more than fair.

Love Teen Massage. 7/22 Soi Sukhumvit 33, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 10:00 AM until 12:00 AM. Website:

14 thoughts on “Review: Love Teen Massage in Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. Rockit

    thanks for your response. Your reviews are very helpful. Apart from Eden Club, where do you think one can get best A level service in Bangkok?

    1. The best service or best looking women may not be the same. Usually they aren’t. Then there’s the fact that different guys can have totally different opinions. Some places that offer than as a regular course are Cherry Massage, Annie’s and Bamboo (though the last costs an extra 500 Baht or something). Cheers.

  2. Ever the optimist about the oily massage scene, I made my first and possibly only visit to Love Teen about 5:30PM today on the strong recommendation of the place from a couple of friends who’d been there a couple of times before. As reported by them, there were several attractive “youngish” women sitting outside inviting me to come inside. So I did. The mamasan was friendly enough and showed me their menu of standard services. I was very much in the mood for a BBBJ and there it was specifically listed on the menu. I told the mamasan that was what I wanted on this visit. But I noticed there was no “CIM” next to the BBBJ listing on the menu. Now, to me, a BJ that is finished anywhere other than inside the mouth, presumably finished by hand, is not really a BJ at all. It is a handjob. The way the sexual act finishes defines the act. And I would go further to say that is virtually always the case and everyone knows it although they might not have given much thought. For example, even if a girl spends 20 minutes stimulating your penis by hand and then slips your penis into her vagina for one single minute at the end, whereupon you immediately cum inside her vagina….no girl I know of is going to insist you only got a handjob and did not f*ck her, even though the time spent with hand vs vagina action logged in at an extremely lopsided 20 to 1. That is because they know as well as everyone else that the way the sexual act finishes defines the act.

    But back to Love Teen’s menu listings. I asked the mamasan point blank, “Do any of the girls finish a BBBJ with cum in mouth instead of outside with their hand or whatever?” “ALL of them finish cum in mouth. That is standard!”, was her most welcome reply. She moved on, “Which kind of massage would you like with it?” I said, “I don’t want oil, lotion, gel or anything like that on me, I just don’t like the feeling of it on my body. So I’ll go for a soft Thai massage, no oil, no lotion, no gel, ok?” Again, “No problem. I’ll tell the girl”, was her most welcome reply.

    So much for the mamasan’s welcome replies. Now for what actually happened.

    First of all, she didn’t offer me the catalog or a line-up and instead called out a girl from another room who would definitely not have been in place among the more attractive ones sitting outside. Awkward moment, but I politely declined and asked to see the catalog. As I flipped through the pages, I asked about a couple of the girls I saw in the book who also appeared to be sitting outside. I chose one who was sitting outside and my choice seemed to delight the mamasan. The one I chose seemed to be thrilled by the idea, too. Great. Introductions were made, the mamasan and my girl went over a few things in Thai and then she and I kidded and joked our way to one of the VIP rooms. I felt pretty good about this so far.

    I opted for the 1.5 hour VIP room, which goes for 1900b with the BBBJ option. Unfortunately, as all too often happens (to me, at least) in the massage parlor scene no matter how unambiguous the “standard” service can be assumed to be, whatever items are “listed right on the menu” or the supposed certainty of a specific affirmation by the mamasan, the moment the door closed behind me and my girl in the VIP room, all bets and assumptions were off.

    I mentioned to my lady of choice that one of the things I like about this VIP room is that area next to the tub looks like an interesting place to sit and get my BJ later on.

    “Huh?”, she asked. “You want a BJ? Ok, but cannot cum in mouth, have to cum outside, ok?”

    Oops. “Sorry, hon, but if you don’t do that, no problem. But I need to go back to the mamasan and pick another girl”.

    “Ohhh….please, please, please don’t do that. I get in trouble with my boss. I no have customer today and if you do like that I get in trouble. Tell you what….I try, ok?”

    I told her I really don’t want a girl who will “try” to do that tonight, I want a girl who will do it. Also told her as nicely as possible that my experience with Thai girls is when they say they will “try” to do something, that means they aren’t going to do it but are hoping you have a good heart and will either pay them anyway (although this was a pay upfront establishment) or won’t make a fuss about it when they don’t do it, and that I knew she was not going to do what the mamasan said “ALL” of the girls do. I assured her I was not angry with her, not even angry with the mamasan, but that I was going to choose another lady.

    She then launched into more uncomfortable pleading and worries about how she will be in trouble with her boss and how life will never be the same if I were to mention this to the mamasan. l relented. Who the hell needs this shit? I said ok, told her I wouldn’t change ladies, went with the flow, let her take me through whatever the format was for this particular oily massage as though a BBBJ was never an option anyway and just tried to find value in a middling 1900b VIP room massage that I probably would have felt ripped off about if it had cost me 200b.

    Oh, and the instant I laid down on my stomach to get the middling massage, she streamed what seemed like a pint of some kind of sticky, abrasive, skin-numbing baby oil concoction all over my back, ass and legs.

    Two out two specific requests, the only two I made, both totally rejected or ignored as though I’d never made them.

    I’m not saying it isn’t possible to get a genuine BBBJ-CIM from your lady of choice at Love Teen. Apparently somebody does at some point in time. But I am saying that, from my initial experience, I would not for one minute think going over the specific details of what you are looking for on a given visit with the mamasan before choosing a girl has any value whatsoever. That was a waste of time and breath. I think you need to go over every important detail face-to-face with the girl you choose, no matter what the mamasan says, no matter what can or should be assumed to be “standard” at such a place and no matter what is listed specifically on the menu. I saw enough cute girls there to think I might…might…give this place another try someday. But I for one will be conducting an extended interview of the girl I choose next time in the presence of the mamasan to hopefully eliminate another disappointment laced with very uncomfortable pleading by one of their supposedly “professional” happy ending masseuses.

  3. Dear Buddy,

    Your reports are really cool and informative. Cheers!! Iam planning to visit Bangkok for a conference in BITEC ( bangkok Internation trade center) by next month.

    Is there a place which offers Nuru/Oily massage near Bitec? Do share your inputs.

    Thank you in advance..

    1. BITEC is in Bang Na. There are some places around there but none of them are reviewed on this site. A quick taxi or BTS ride along Sukhumvit Road would bring you to where most of the Bangkok venues reviewed on this site are located. Cheers.

  4. I can only recommend the “Tulip Massage” directly under the “Thong Lo” skytrain station (even number Soi side).
    The ladies there seem to be determined to achieve satisfied customers. The rooms are small and not Luxurious but
    the service is excellent.

    1. Tulip and Snow White are both pretty famous for the porn star experience but neither is known for employing lookers. I will probably review one or both in the near future but I am trying to spread the coverage around to other areas which take time. Cheers.

  5. This place used to be my favorite spa in the early 2000, I’ve been there about 10 times or more. I always paid only for the oil massage which is 500 bt and then you are allowed to have options for a BJ or a FS after 30 min of the regular routine massage. If you pay everything up front you may get less quality service. About 80 percent girls didn’t want BBBJ. If that’s the case then, you can negotiate a deal for a FS for 1,000 bt extra as a tip. One time I had a rookie who was almost 9 but didn’t do BBBJ so I paid for a HJ for 500bt and 200bt extra for DATY and it was worth it. If can’t come to an agreement, you can just have a massage and pay her 100 bt for a tip, although the massage skills mostly are not very good. Also, they take credit cards but at a 7% service fee.

  6. I really like your site. Your reviews seem very collegiate and fun to read. I have been to Cherry’s. And loved it. But I’m looking for more 4.5 spots in Bangkok. Places with that have A+ and multiple shots included. Please let me know of such places cause I’m cuming back in July. Ps. Your site is the only site I believe.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I don’t make recommendations. This website is for entertainment only. There are many other Bangkok businesses reviewed on this website. Some may match your criteria though places like Bamboo charge extra for A level service. At a place like Addict some women will offer multiple pops and some won’t. Other places that are known for allowing multiple pops and A level service are Love Teen and The Eden Club which have been reviewed on this site and Mango which will be reviewed soon. Of course different people have different experiences which is why the phrase “your mileage may vary” is so common. Cheers.

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