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Tokyo Style is a foreigner friendly happy ending massage service operating in Tokyo, Japan. I have covered the outcall only place on this site several times over the years. I have not yet written about Lily who along with Sumire and Sora is one of the shop’s real shining stars.

Nearly every time I post a report on Tokyo Style or places like it someone chimes in to talk about the prices. I understand people may be surprised to see a happy ending massage session in Tokyo go for a few hundred dollars when an hour in a Bangkok oily massage with full service costs around sixty bucks.

But things are different. Prices for a lot of things are higher in Tokyo than they are in Bangkok. A taxi ride from Suvarnabhumi airport to a hotel in Bangkok usually costs around $10 US dollars. A taxi ride from Narita airport to a hotel in the Shibuya section of Tokyo costs well over $100.

Salaries and rents are also higher in Tokyo. While incomes and costs of living don’t always control the rates of the sex industry they often correspond to some extent.

Lily at Tokyo Style

In any event, those who have met Lily will understand why the prices at Tokyo Style are totally justifiable even if they are significantly higher than those charged by massage parlors in Thailand or Vietnam. Not only is the level of service provided at Tokyo Style much higher the place also employs a few women who are truly fantastic.

Lily at Tokyo Style massage

In a word Lily is hot. She looks like a Japanese version of Emma Stone but with bigger boobs and a slimmer waist. Lily has big eyes and a wry smile to go along with her amazing figure too. Plus she is fluent in English and able to converse about all matters in the west and Asia. She is familiar with sport and pop culture in the west along with everything going on in her own country. Lily can play the piano and work turntables as a DJ. She is also incredibly sexy and sensually skilled. Lily is the total package.

Happy ending service

Of course she doesn’t offer the total package — also known as “full service” — for money. No one at Tokyo Style does. As I have explained in past posts Tokyo Style is an erotic massage outfit that offers body rub sessions that conclude with either handjobs or blowjobs. This keeps them in accordance with Japanese law which makes sense since they are a legal and regulated outfit.

Places like Tokyo Style are more focused on service than anything. The customer is meant to lay back and relax while everything is done for them and to them. It is a much different experience from a brothel or even a girlfriend. It is more centered on the man.


Sessions with Lily go much the same as they do with other women at Tokyo Style. Depending on the length and type of appointment made things can vary but they usually follow a similar pattern. The woman shows up and chats with the customer. Then the customer is invited to undress the woman. After that the woman undresses the customer. Then they move to the shower for some mutual washing. From there they move back to the bed which is prepared with a number of plush brown towels. A long and thorough nude massage is followed by “the flip” and the happy ending.

Busty escort Lily in Tokyo

In truth everyone who works at Tokyo Style is able to give great service. It is actually a requirement for their employment. The management at Tokyo Style turns away women who are not attractive or skilled enough to join the team.

What sets Lily apart from the other service providers at Tokyo Style and indeed throughout Tokyo is her great looks and ability to speak the English language fluently. She does use condoms for oral endings but her skilled hands are obviously able to work without any barriers for customers who prefer that.

The only negative thing I could even imagine to say about Lily is that she is so popular it can be difficult to schedule a session with her. It seems that she is fully booked every single day that she works. Thankfully Tokyo Style has several methods for advanced booking online so anyone really wanting to meet Lily won’t be left in the lurch unless they wait until the very last minute. Five stars.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 03-5956-9123
Hours:2:00 PM - 4:00 AM
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