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Review: Le Cyrcee in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Le Cyrcee is a very well established Phnom Penh bar that is situated away from almost every other girlie bar in the city. The bar operates on a different model than every other bar in the capital and it has developed a loyal customer base. It could accurately be described as a short time bar.

For many years Cyrcee, also known as “the secret bar”, was located on Street 49 near the Central Market. Recently it changed locations and moved around the corner. It is now located on Street 130 but quite a distance from the more well known row of bars on the same street that includes Angry Birds. In its new location Cyrcee is not so secret since there is an illuminated sign outside of the bar projecting the bar name brightly in red and black.

Ladies at Cyrcee

There are no ladies seated outside of Cyrcee at any time. Unlike other bars the ladies at Cyrcee wait inside for customers to step through the frosted glass doors and into the small bar. Also unlike the other hostess bars in town the women who work at Cyrcee aren’t all that interested in lady drinks.

Cyrcee bar ladies

When customers enter Cyrcee they are usually surrounded by some of the twenty or so women on staff. The gals can get quite hands on while trying to get invited to join customers. They do accept lady drinks though as mentioned that’s not the ultimate goal.

Inside the bar

At Cyrcee the women are most interested in being taken out of the bar usually for a short time. Customers do have to buy one lady drink any lady they want to take out of the bar though the drink itself is more symbolic than anything.

While some customers like to have a few drinks and spend time in the bar most have a few quick gulps before selecting one or more of the gals on staff to sit and drink. Quickly after they usually pay a ten dollar bar fine for each girl they like and go across the street to a guest house that charges $7 USD for temporary use of a room.

The gals themselves can be reticent to ask for specific compensation for their time. Few can speak much English and even those who do seem to be partial to the nondescript price quote “up to you”. A sort of regular price scheme has been established overtime however so that most customers in the know give tips of thirty dollars to each woman they spend a short amount of time with. Of course there are others who give more including tourists who sometimes report paying up to three or four times the regular rate.

Services and skills

None of the women at Cyrcee are masters of the English language but most know enough small words and body language to navigate their sessions smoothly. Nearly all of the women are quite skilled at their work too and willing and able to perform orally along with covered full service.

While Cyrcee is known for the abundance and eagerness of women on staff the place is certainly not known for employing very attractive women. In fact the opposite could stated. At the same time there are definitively attractive women who work at Cyrcee including one or two who most men would probably describe as extremely good looking.

At any place that staffs twenty or so women every night of the week there is going to be variation. For the most part the women who work at Cyrcee are in their twenties. There are a few older gals who work the bar as well. Most all the ladies are height and weight proportionate though some show signs of previous pregnancies and a couple might even be overweight by local standards. Three-and-a-half stars.

Le Cyrcee. 182 Street 130, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Click here for a map. Open every day from 6:00 PM until 2:00 AM. Website:

18 thoughts on “Review: Le Cyrcee in Phnom Penh, Cambodia”

    1. It’s the most reliable hostess bar in Phnom Penh. All the women are eager to barfine, you can easily arrage threesomes or foursomes, and the asking rate was still $30 as of last year (versus $50+ at most other bars). However this bar doesn’t get nearly as many customers, due to its location if I were to guess.

      Few of the ladies at Cyrcee are what I would call attractive, but there is (was?) at least one stunner. If you do visit, take your time and see if you can spot her! In my opinion she is one of the prettiest girls to be found anywhere in Phnom Penh, and she also happens to be a great service provider. I shall say no more.

  1. Haha. Americans seem to pay a lot more attention to cars:) I left the states in 1995 and have not driven much nor do I notice any cars around:(.
    I seen very few stunners in PP in the past 14 years of my travels to Cambodia. Most of the bar gurls are not my type. In my opinion KTV girls are better looking but I am not into singing etc. I need to be in Cambodia for business only for a few days, then to Vietnam. I dont find the pay for play in Cambodia very exciting but the cost is so low that I still enjoy it there for my innocent fun. Cheers!

    1. Perhaps. From what I have read the younger generation of Americans isn’t nearly as interested in cars as those who came before them. Apparently the same goes for sex. However BMW originates in Germany even if some of their cars are made in the states or Brazil these days. And the one parked in front of the Angkor International was in the same spot for what seemed like forever. From what I have heard there may be a reason for that. During my last jaunt around Phnom Penh I was passed by an Aston Martin that retails for at least a quarter of a million dollars. I would find it difficult not to notice. But my tuk tuk driver who probably makes a few hundred dollars a month didn’t even bat an eyelid. Cheers.

      1. Very strange that I don’t recall any BMW parked in the spot even though I been to the hotel about 7~ 10 times in the past 14 yrs. Maybe I wasnt there when the car was there.?! Hm. Cheers!

      2. Rockit, thanks to the link to the great article about sex and porn. I have 2 terabytes of porn collection and I can totally relate to what they are saying. The read is so long and informative. Also, I think there will never be another John Holmes again. Lol Cheers:)

        1. I went there today at 10 p.m.It is a bit away from the infamous bar rows but still walkable in 5~7 min. There were about 15 girls waiting to be picked up but nobody was my cup of tea. The drinks were a bit pricier i.e. 3.50 usd for a battle of beer and 4 usd for a lady drink. So I moved onto the main bar area. As in the past some girls were quite attractive but they wouldn’t bar fine. That is the reason why I don’t expect much from p4p in Cambodia. Since 2007 I have had some fun memories but now the Cambodian girls seem to be overpriced for money’s worth. Some old girl offered me a ST for 70 usd. Not worth it:( I went on to other bars to look for better deals. I think there are still some old charm girls who don’t talk about money and accept whatever you give in the morning. Still it seems a lot of work so I just bailed out. I still had a good time drinking 8 Ankor beers and paying for 3 lady drinks all for less than 30 usd for 3 hrs of entertainment. Cheers!

    2. I visited a few days ago. There was only one gent there when I entered. I was immediately surrounded by about 22 eager girls. I was overwhelming to say the least. There were a few that were attractive to me. After I made my selection, another came by to suggest a threesome, which I declined. I had a couple drinks with my selection and went to the nearby ST hotel with her. She was a 24yr old, with a curvy body and no baby damage. She was fun in the room, was not a clock watcher, but things progressed a little too quickly. I can understand, she wanted to return to the bar to try and get another ST.
      When I returned her to the bar, Most of the ladies were gone and had been bar fined. There were 5 guys present and about 8 girls available.
      I’m going to return as I want to meet a few more girls. Next time I’ll bring her to my room,

    3. Been there lots of times over the years, you’re right that they may not always be the best looking gals, but the prices are consistent, they never complain about what services you ask for, and I’ve always gotten 2 shots with them when taking them out. I even had a couple girls offer to do a lesbian show for me which is pretty rare among Khmer girls, that and any sort of satisfying oral. You pretty much always know what you’re at least going to get the services you want when you go to Cyrcee. The only thing I’ve found them to be dishonest about them is breasts, they’ve all got padded bras on and try to convince you they’re real.

      The gal in the back of the picture, 2nd from the left where you can just see her face is Annie. She’s not very attractive at all but I got her as a second girl a while back and she does incredible DT! Sometimes it really is the service that matters.

      1. Thanks for the comment. Everything you write rings true. Annie is indeed quite skilled. You might expect that since she has been working at the bar so long. She must have something like 10 years there by now. Cheers.

    4. This site is old and does not reflect the current reality of Oct 2023, there is no more raunchy clubs in Phnom Penh nonetheless Cyrcee Bar is the last icon night venue in the city. Cyrcee remains in business but was compelled to change is operating policy to meet the laws.
      Frankly Phnom Penh night life suck.

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