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Review: Kiss 3 Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

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Kiss 3 Massage is one of the many specialty massage parlors operating on Sukhumvit Soi 22 in Bangkok. At this point there are around a dozen of these sorts of shops in a small alley. The area has become a sort of hot bed of shops offering services like tantra and prostate massage on top of the old standard happy endings.

I can’t recall exactly which shop opened first in the Soi 22 area that is not buzzing with erotic massage parlor activity. But nowadays there are several in operation including places that have been reviewed here in the past like Exotic Massage and Sensual Massage. While the shops are all known to offer a wide variety of erotic massages, they each have their own individual characteristics.

As the name would suggest, Kiss 3 Massage is the third shop operating under the Kiss label. All three are located on the same street. The first shop was apparently so popular that the owner opened two more. Business must be booming as the same owner has several other massage parlors including Honey Bee Massage, Thai Candy Massage and the previously reviewed Bangkok Passion.

The Kiss 3 shop

The Kiss 3 massage parlor is at the end of the alley off of Soi 22. It is easy to find with a large and obvious sign. Though it could possibly be difficult for a guy to actually make it to the end of the short strip with so many other options lined up on the way.

The lobby at Kiss 3 is small and elongated with a bar at the end of the room. Booking sessions is as easy as calling ahead or simply walking into the shop. The prices vary depending on the services rendered and the rooms used. But the rates are more or less on par with what all the similar shops in the area charge.

The cheapest option is a 30 minute body to body massage with a handjob for 1200 Baht ($40 USD). The most expensive is a two hour full service session in a VIP Jacuzzi room for 2800 ($92 USD). Several other options are available at prices in between. The shop also serves couples and single women and can probably cater a package to meet any reasonable request.

Staff and services

There are a handful of woman at Kiss 3 Massage at any given time. They range in looks with one gal being in her early twenties and sporting a very curvy yet fit body and another being quite large and a lot closer to thirty years of age. The ladies from the other shops with the same owner can also work at Kiss 3, so there are potentially as many as 100 service providers available at the shop.

The rooms at Kiss 3 are moderately clean and comfortable, but they are nothing special. That’s even true for the VIP suite which comes at a premium price. Since most people don’t go to erotic massage parlors to look at the walls and ceiling, I doubt this has much of an influence one way or another. Especially since the rooms are not even seen until the session is booked and the service provider is selected from the lineup.

The women at Kiss 3 are friendly and open to a wide variety of activities above and beyond the traditional handjob happy ending. Everything from oral to yoni massage and foot fetish play is offered by at least some of the ladies. The gals are not necessarily aggressive and forward. But they do their best to please their customers and they are quite pleasant as they go about their work.

Kiss 3 Massage is the kind of place where you get what you pay for. The rates are fair considering the local market. The ladies do what they say they will do, and they do it well. The business model obviously works as there are now several similar shops in the immediate area. All in all, Kiss 3 is a lot like its sister shop Bangkok Passion a few doors down. But even though they are quite similar, I do find the Bangkok Passion shop to be slightly superior. Since I gave Passion four stars it seems fair to give Kiss 3 Massage three-and-a-half stars.

Kiss 3 Massage. Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 10:00 AM until 1:00 AM. Phone: +66 095-208-2884. Website:

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