Review: Kanon at Paradise soapland in Tokyo, Japan


Kanon is one of the newer additions to the lineup at Paradise Yoshiwara. She stands out from the rest of the staff for a few reasons. The main one is that she sports a very big and round backside. The other is that she is more amateur like than some of her more professional coworkers.

It should be obvious that Kanon is totally fine working with gaijin. After all she has taken up employment at the Paradise Soapland in Yoshiwara. As explained previously this soapland was basically set up for foreigners.

In fact she says she actually prefers it. And that seems to ring true. Most of the women who work at Paradise have chosen the place precisely because of its foreign clientele. While a few women at some other soaplands will work with foreigners they often do so begrudgingly. At Paradise the gals actually prefer to serve foreigners for whatever reason.

All about Kanon

Although Kanon chooses to work with foreigners her English is very limited. In fact she doesn’t seem to be able to speak much at all of the language. But that doesn’t really put a hamper on her services. Soaplands are pretty straight forward and self explanatory. Things usually go from the shower to the mat to the bed. That doesn’t require a ton of back and forth.

Japanese prostitute with big booty

Kanon is of average height for Japan. She is described as being a curvy gal. But she doesn’t seem big in any way. Well except around back. There she has quite a large bum for a gal of her size. Especially for a Japanese woman. I imagine that Kanon’s endowment could get any butt lover going. It is really something to see.

Kanon also has a very pretty face. She has some striking features that are set off and accented by her jet black hair. She might look even better if she smiled and laughed a bit more. But she has more of a plodding way about her.

Soapland service by Kanon

Kanon doesn’t necessarily act like a soapland lady otherwise would. While she is friendly enough she doesn’t greet customers in the typical way. Nor does she undress customers and fold their clothes as most soapland ladies do. She is more matter of fact. She gets naked and moves to the showers on her own to get things going. It’s something like a hookup with a woman from a bar.

But that is not to say Kanon is lacking. She likes to chat and she is not cold of standoffish. She does all of the necessary tasks of a soapland too. So all the standard procedures like showering and bathing are performed. These things go quickly though. Kanon gets them out of the way rather than extending them or trying to eroticize the proceedings.

It seems like Kanon prefers to go straight to the bed after the washing up is done. She can do nuru mat play. But she is no expert at it. At this early point in her career she just seems to be improvising as she goes along. That is something that some guys would find appealing. Others may prefer something more planned.

It also appears as if Kanon is used to guys admiring her body and putting in work. She isn’t very energetic or service minded when it comes to the main event. She does put her mouth to use. And she’s fine with doing the main event in a range of positions. She is just more passive. That all fits in with her overall personality and demeanor. This is illustrated by her whining moans that sound like they come right out of a Japanese porn video. She is also quite sensitive in all erogenous zones.

Kanon is a nice young lady with a round back bumper. She’s quite attractive too. She is very clearly new to the soapland scene however. And she is not a service minded pro. Being with her is more like being with a civilian. And there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that. Two and a half stars.

Note: Paradise has closed.

Address:Tokyo Prefecture, Taito Ward, Senzoku, 4-21-1 (Map)
Phone:+81 036-240-6736
Hours:9:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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