Review: Ice & May at Cherry Massage in Bangkok


I’m not in the habit of reviewing individual service providers on this site but I feel that the current combination of the two super-skilled veterans Ice and May at Cherry Massage in Bangkok warrants an exception.

Those who have spent some time visiting massage parlors in Bangkok, especially in the Phrom Phong area, may already be familiar with one or even both of these ladies. Ice has been in the game for some time, honing her skills all along while not losing much at all in the looks department. May, who previously went by Mony, previously worked right up the street from Cherry. That the two have come together under one roof provides stupendous potential for those who value service above all else.

It’s not difficult to book a two gal session involving these two ladies. Many time it would require nothing more than showing up and requesting it. Both Ice and May seem to be available most times. On the other hand, there’s a good chance one or both would be busy with a customer at any given time, so the prudent guy wanting a sure thing would probably book ahead.

May is still as exuberant as a young gal and has a warm smile that could light up a room. I believe Ice is a few years older than May but her looks have held up well. She has a good frame complimented by a very large rack that is either natural or one of the better tit jobs to have ever been performed. Her hooters offer much more than a handful and do not hang low.

Both May and Ice have been at this long enough to know how it goes and be comfortable in almost any situation. There’s probably not a lot that could shock either or even make them nervous. That can be a great thing for veterans and those to the scene alike.

What’s nice though is that neither of these ladies seems to have been hardened by their work at all. With years in, lots of experience, and a pair of implants to top it all off, May might still feign shyness when getting in the shower with a new customer before a sessions. That’s just one example of the kind of variation and novelty that can keep things lively. This may not sound like much, but I think it could help put new players at ease as well as keeping things interesting for those of us who have been around the block several (or several hundred) times.

Ice tends to be more straight ahead and at times even aggressive (though certainly in a good way). She definitely knows what she wants and how to get it. This contrasts nicely against the slightly more modest and playful May. And that’s something else to note. While it’s not uncommon for certain ladies to be put off by working together, Ice and May seem happy to go at things as a team. They may a great combination not only because of their knowledge and experience but because Ice’s personality and way of doing things works perfectly with May’s.

There’s a lot of talk online and in numerous pubs and beer bars around the world about the “girlfriend experience” and “porn star experience.” One things for sure, it’s very unlikely to get a “GFE” when in a room together with the two ladies being mentioned here. But since that’s not why one would book the two together there’s no need to worry about that. What can accurately be called a “PSE” is not only possible with Ice and May working together, it is in fact very likely.

Ice operates like a gal out of the classic era of classic porn. Nicely put together, she’s an expert at everything a normal guy could want, and much of what a freak would like too. In the oral department she really shines, with an ability to go deep and stay there, or spin a guy around for a nice tongue bath from the back. She likes to take the lead and whenever she’s not somehow involved directly with her customer her hands and more will be all over any other lady in the room. When that lady is May this seems to really be the case.

I don’t think a good or even great session necessarily makes up a porn star experience. At least not in its original sense. With these ladies, the real deal is possible and no holes are barred.

Some ladies are clearly in the service industry for the money. This becomes most obvious when they are providing service in a mechanical or halfhearted way. That’s not to say I blame them. I could see how such work could take a lot out of a gal. Even those who don’t hate what they do can get worn out from time to time, just like any one of us. When a woman in this industry likes her job though, it’s definitely obvious. If May and Ice don’t like what they do then they both deserve Academy Awards.

With as much experience as they have, May and Ice could be forgiven for being a bit mechanical in their approach. Thankfully for their customers that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. While the standard around the world for commercial three person play (even at supposedly PSE places like Eden or Devil’s Den) seems to be a wipe with a towel in between interactions with each gal, that’s not the case with these two pros. This too may seem like a minor thing in the abstract, but those who’ve experience it know better.

As two lively ladies with a real talent for what they do, the tag team of Ice and May deserves a high score. They aren’t they hottest women in Bangkok in the looks department, but both are quite sexy in their own right. Ice’s big boobies are great and May’s sweet smile is too. When I consider the level of service they can provide as a team along with everything else, it seems only natural that they should get a solid four stars.

Finally I’d like to note something that should be self-evident, but is worth clarifying in any event. This post serves as a review of the services of Ice and May in the professional capacity. It is not a review of them as individual people (such a thing would be wrong in my view, and even attempting it would be shameful). Each human being has their own worth and it needn’t be tied to any line of work.

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