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My in depth coverage of the commercial sex industry in Japan continues today with a report on Hazu at Paradise. As regular readers and Tokyo trade watchers will already know Paradise is the only soapland for foreigners in the land of the rising sun. It opened last year and has continued to grow in notoriety and popularity ever since.

Paradise is totally oriented to foreigners. The front desk staff is made up of native English speakers and in a unique turn from the usual local mode of operations Japanese guys are actually not given access to the place or the ladies who work there.

Hazu Japanese soapland whore

That doesn’t mean that all of the ladies who work there can speak English even if they did all sign up for servicing foreigners. Even some of the gals of staff like Sakura who really seem to like foreigners cannot speak any language other than Japanese. The world is full of surprises and incongruities.

Despite having a very Japanese name Hazu is totally fluent in the English language. She speaks with a rather neutral or standard dialect of English though very occasionally a hint of an Australian accent will come through with her. That’s only fitting since she has spent a lot of time in Australia.

Hazu is an attractive young lady who is 22 years of age. She is somewhat tall for Japanese standards with a slim and fit body. Her breasts and backside are just right for her body. Neither is overly small or so large as to get in the way of anything. Her body is quite nice and would likely turn on just about any man with a pulse and two eyes to see with.

Hazu has big bright eyes and seems to be an intelligent young woman. She does not have any tattoos. On top of that she is totally paipan which is a Japanese way of saying completely hairless with the obvious exception of her head.

Hazu does exercises to keep her body in shape and certainly her work must help in that regard too. Although it is not healthy at all Hazu’s smoking habit probably helps keep her weight down too at least if what I understand about the effects of cigarettes is accurate.

In terms of service Hazu is experienced and knows her way around a man. She is not necessarily a traditional Japanese woman or courtesan but she is as skilled as any soapland staff in the country. She was trained in nuru nuru massage on the air mattress by a real professional and picked it up perfectly.

She can do it all on the inflatable silver nuru matress or over on the bed that each room at Paradise contains. She’s also somewhat more adventurous than some of her counterparts at Paradise. Hazu is open for deep tongue kissing with customers as well as providing oral without a condom until completion.

Hazu is no clock watcher either. She seems determined to give customers the full value of their payment. She is not only okay with customers who want to climax multiple times per session she actually seems to encourage it. Hazu shows a seriousness about her work that cannot be found everywhere or with everyone. Four stars.

Note: Paradise has closed.

Address:Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki City, Kawasaki Ward, Minami-cho, 15-5 (Map)
Phone:+81 044-272-1300
Hours:8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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