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Review: Golden Vine in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Golden Vine is one of the older hostess bars in Phnom Penh that continues to operate. While several legendary bars of yesteryear have disappeared Gold Vine remains open to this day. That says a lot about the place. Especially considering that dozens of other newer hostess bars have sprung up in recent years in arguably better locations.

This is what you might call an old school bar. It is no Sophie’s with women offering oral samples for a dollar. But it has the vibe and characteristics of the bars that ran back in the day. It even staffs a significant number of women with ties to Vietnam. That’s a real throw back. Years ago Vietnamese women were prominent through the bars and the scene more generally. These days they are almost rare to find in bars like this.

Golden Vine on Street 108

Golden Vine is located on Street 108 near the intersection with Pasteur. It is right next to the well known French restaurant La Marmite and across the street from what was once a popular park before it was remodeled after becoming popular with protestors back in 2013. In other words it is pretty easy to find.

golden vine bar phnom penh

This is one of three bars in the immediate area. The bar next door has gone through various changes over the years. After that sits Zapata which has also been around for many years. Of the three in the group Golden Vine has to be the most well known. Especially among regulars and old timers.

Inside the bar does show a bit of age. But it is about what you would expect in a hostess bar from this era. There is a long bar on the left that actually looks like a bar you might find in a pub in the west. On the other side of the room are several raised tables with seats. In the back there is a pool table that gets quite a lot of use.

Staff, service and summary

There are at least two dozen women working Golden Vine most nights. They are made up of a mix of attractive to average women ranging from as young as twenty to as old as perhaps thirty six or so. Yet even a few of the older women are quite charming and alluring. I say this as a man who has been around the world once or twice. Though of course beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

No matter opinions on appearances though the gals who work in this bar are objectively a happy and welcoming group. There is always a fun and lively atmosphere inside Golden Vine with people very obviously having a good time. It’s no dive bar where old guys go to die.

With quite reasonable drink prices bordering on the cheap and tasty food available to order in this bar is an easy place to spend a few hours. Or nights. With all that is going on in the capital city these days this old place still manages to bring in significant numbers of men. That really says something. It might even say more than I can hope to in a review like this.

Golden Vine has some of the old style charm that is easy to miss. Although newer bars like Honeypot have become quite popular there is definitely still room for this kind of place. The market is large enough to accommodate variation. That’s why it continues to draw regulars and new comers alike. The bar itself is what it is. The women are the main ingredient. It’s a good combination. I give the place three stars.

Golden Vine. 81 Street 108, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Click here for a map. Open every day form 7:00 PM until 2:00 AM. Website:

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