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Review: Full Moon in Pattaya, Thailand

There’s only so much that can be said about Pattaya Thailand’s infamous Soi 6, but I don’t know how much exactly that is. With all that goes down on that little strip of debauchery it’s possible that an in depth look at the place from top to bottom could require more volumes than Casanova’s “Story of My Life”.

Bars tend to come and go on Soi 6 as they do anywhere else. A few key locations stay around for the duration. Since Soi 6 is one of the last vestiges of  the kind of debauchery that first made the little town by the bay known around the world the stand out bars that line its streets are worthy of consideration by guys like me.

Full Moon is in some respects like the nearby Click Bar in that it’s a sort of blowjob bar with extras. From the outside it doesn’t appear to be anything special. If it was located anywhere else in the world it would draw eyes like a fender bender on the side of a busy freeway. Since it’s buried amidst the sea of flesh and bars that stretch along Soi 6 it doesn’t really stand out.

Full Moon’s sign sits up in the air. It says “Full Moon Beer Bar,” but it isn’t what I’d call a beer bar. I usually reserve that term to describe the countless open air bars all around the city where working women ply their trade.

The small staff at Full Moon tends toward the more attractive and fit for this street. It’s always hard to give a characterization of a staff of multiple women. It’s even more difficult when the women on staff change from one day to the next as is known to happen on Soi 6. All I can do is base my opinion on the average over a period of time, taking into consideration the regulars who have stood by the bar and put in a longer period of time.

Beyond their looks the female staff at Full Moon tends to be a very friendly bunch. I don’t mean that in the way that yell out what guys want to hear to get customers in the bar. I mean that they are cheery and kind. They also like to have fun and most seem quite up for adventure.

When I said earlier that Full Moon was a kind of blowjob bar I meant it. It’s not a dedicated knob polishing facility like Lolita’s and it’s certainly not an open-air in your face suck shop like Star of Light in Bangkok either. Customers who wish to have their sword swallowed can certainly do so, but things are done a little differently.

The interior of Full Moon is done up well enough for the area with dancing poles that are only used for special occasions if at all. Most of the staff hangs out outside until a customer comes in. If a customer wants to go for a full romp that’s available in rooms upstairs at the usual rate. Suck service alone is also available in those rooms at the same rate.

Guys who are too lazy to hike a flight of steps or have some other reason for preferring that their fun take place on the ground floor can ask to be taken to the special side room that is just off the main bar. This little room is very nicely done with red lighting, a dancing pole, two sets of quality couches and strategically placed mirrors that make everything that much more fun.

There doesn’t seem to be a set time limit or any kind of rush on at Full Moon though that could certainly change if the place got really busy or the management brought the hammer down for some reason. On any normal day things are laid back and fun can be had at a very leisurely place. The service providers seem quite fine with that and even better with it if it means they’ll be receiving a larger than normal tip.

Tips certainly aren’t required at Full Moon or anywhere else on Soi 6 but they are always appreciated. A tip probably goes further than a lady drink too since a bar gets a chunk of that.

In general the rates are normal for the street. Customers pay the same thing at Full Moon as they do at places like Click Bar or My Friend You. Service is average or better depending on what it’s compared to.

Full Moon is an above average Soi 6 bar with a relaxed feel and a high quality room on the ground floor for extra entertainment. For these reasons and more it’s a step above a lot of the other bars nearby. I give it three stars leaving room for improvement in the future, like an influx of three dozen 19 year olds with super model looks from upcountry.

Full Moon. Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 12:00 PM until 1:00 AM.

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