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Review: Foxy Bar in Pattaya, Thailand

Foxy Bar is one of the many bars on Soi 6 in Pattaya. While the place isn’t necessarily special I do think it deserves a review if only to help paint a picture of the local scene these days.

This place does not really stand out from the crowd in any real way. Then again that could be said of most bars on the Soi 6 strip today. And to be fair it would take something pretty special to glow in a street filled with half naked ladies jostling for the attention of each passing man, even if there are less passing men then their were a few years ago.

Foxy Bar has an open front. There are small tables fastened to the red painted walls the right side of the bar. On the other side at least one table is turned to face more of the action. I personally prefer sitting as far back into the bar as possible. This offers slightly more privacy and gives the occasional view of bent over bums as the ladies in front reach out and try to pull in new guests.

Staff, services and rates

There are a good number of ladies working at Foxy Bar. They cover a whole range of looks too. At least within the scope of the Thai populace. There are women working at Foxy Bar who could truly be described as spinners. Yet there is also at least one gal who can honestly be called curvy without veering into the realm of being overweight. Some of the ladies have rich bronze skin. Some others have skin so light you’d be forgiven for thinking they grew up in Northern England.

Foxy Bar Soi 6

Tattoos and piercings are of course common. This is the norm on Soi 6 and indeed Pattaya in general these days. There are also several women who show obvious signs of motherhood. Still that wouldn’t be enough to put most punters off of the place. Nor would the prices apparently.

All of the ladies are willing and able to provide full service in the nondescript private rooms available upstairs. At least in most situations. While the “normal rate” for full service upstairs in Soi 6 bars is arguably still 1000 Baht plus barfine the reality is often something different. Many ladies at Foxy Bar and others like it now ask 1500 Baht ($43 USD) for short time one floor up. This is on top of a 400 Baht ($11 USD) fee for the bar.

What happened to Soi 6?

There was a time when the mere mention of a “Soi 6 bar” brought an immediate image to the minds of those in the know. These days I’m not sure if that is still true. There are a variety of bar types on Soi 6 these days. And the old classic Soi 6 style bars are becoming less common with each passing month.

This all started to happen a few years ago when the “open party bar” model started to take over. Some tie it in with the rise of the Nightwish group of bars. But others argue that the old model just wasn’t able to make it anymore requiring adaptation and a change in business styles. Supposedly the open front bars are more profitable since they can sell many more drinks. I don’t know that this translates to a better experience for customers though.

Whatever the truth may be the changes on Soi 6 are obvious to me as a person who has been visiting the place for many years. I knew things would never be the same once My Friend You tore off the front wall and opened itself to the street. Sure they still have the same upstairs rooms and even a closed wall place on the ground floor. But the dark and dingy days of old are dead and buried sad as it seems.

Some may understand what I mean. Others may not. But this is the way things work. The future marches on and the past is left in the dust. It is not necessarily a bad thing. And Soi 6 is certainly still a fun place to hang out with lots of women. It’s just a different place than it was.

Foxy Bar is different than it was 6 years ago. It is also different from the old Soi 6 model. But it is a nice enough bar staffed with a variety of Thai gals who are for the most part willing to please. I don’t want to compare Foxy Bar to the “good old days”. It seems more fair to compare it to other Soi 6 bars and Pattaya as a whole. With that in mind I think it’s right to give the place an average score of two-and-a-half stars.

Foxy Bar. Soi 6, Pattaya, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 4:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

2 thoughts on “Review: Foxy Bar in Pattaya, Thailand”

  1. I liked the original Soi 6 experience, with closed Bars.

    My first visit was an attack on all senses. Could have been Lisas or the closed version of Sex in the City, or some other Bar?

    Sitting on the tiny veranda, sexually 100% relieved after a great fuck. A cold Heineken and I girl sitting behind, feeling her skin and her bare arms . The smell of perfume, eastrogen, food, old garbage. The bright light from the sun at noon, the colorfull outfits and uniforms, the old man selling nick knacks and cheap cloth from a flashy wagon. The heat, the burning wind. Music blasting from different Bars, girls screaming and laughing, barking dogs.

    Anthony Bourdain said he first “started to experience life in colors when he came to SEA”. Surely he must have been to soi 6. I know he liked Nana.

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