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Review: Fahrenheit A Gogo in Pattaya, Thailand

Fahrenheit A Gogo is one of the many go go bars on the famous Walking Street in Pattaya. While all of the bars do tend to blend with each other from outside the truth is that they can be quite different inside. Some places have raunchy sex shows and full nudity. Others have tranquil older ladies mostly covered with clothes. And there is a lot in between.

Fahrenheit could be described as one of the in between places. But that’s only because it is not at one extreme or another. You won’t find Thai grandmothers falling asleep at the poles here. But you won’t see any nude lesbian oil shows either.

Nor will you find any food here even though the place has billed itself as “Fahrenheit Bistro” in some online promotions. What you will find at this venue is upwards of a hundred Thai dancers who are for the most part rather attractive. And some are even topless.

Fahrenheit Walking Street

One could be forgiven for walking right by Fahrenheit. With so much in the way of people, neon lights and scantly clad ladies (and ladyboys) it can all become a big blur. But Fahrenheit A Gogo is actually easy to find for those who seek the place out.

When coming from Beach Road Fahrenheit A Gogo is located on the left hand side of Walking Street. It is about a quarter of the way in with a large fire-themed black, red, and yellow sign displaying the name of the bar in English. Tourist favorite King Seafood restaurant is right across the street.

fahrenheit agogo dancer

There is one unique thing about Fahrenheit A Gogo that I find to be at least mildly amusing. It is common for Thai go go bars to station greeters in front. These ladies are supposed to invite guests in from the street. Sometimes they are just dancers who aren’t currently on stage. But other places hire particularly pretty gals to beckon in guys even though said gals are not available for take out. Fahrenheit has a team of greeters in front of its bar most times. But they are largely less attractive than the dancers inside. And they don’t really greet anyone either. Instead they stand about with phones in their hands ignoring everyone who passes by!

A number of customers still manage to find their way inside in spite of the welcome wagon. There they find a nicely laid out bar that is absolutely filled with women. There is a mix of regular ladies and “models”. The models are the gals who drop their tops occasionally. In today’s Walking Street that means they charge more for things like drinks. Go figure. Anyway I don’t mind giving them a healthy glance or three. Neither do the many other guys who fill the bar every night. And no wonder. These are by and large some very healthy looking ladies!

Staff, services and summary

Fahrenheit A Gogo has a very large number of dancers. They also seem to have some standards when it comes to hiring. Sure there are a few older and larger ladies. Plus plenty of tattoos and signs of past pregnancies. By for the most part the dancers are relatively fit and attractive Thai women in their twenties. With several exposing their fun bags throughout the night that makes for something to see at the very least.

Drinks are priced in keeping with the rest of Walking Street. That is to say that they cost more here than they do at most bars that are not located on the famous strip. Though to the bar’s credit there is a nightly happy hour when draft beers are sold for a mere 59 Baht ($1.70 USD). The ladies aren’t all that demanding for lady drinks either. When the bar is busy however popular dancers may jump from one drink buyer to another. Even if that is understandable from their point of view it is annoying from the customer’s perspective.

The barfine at Fahrenheit seems to be variable. Some people claim to have been asked outrageous amounts of money. Though I wonder if this isn’t just a case of people who don’t know how barfines work being asked for both barfines and payment to the ladies all at once. Because from what I have seen the barfine is actually 1500 Baht. While this is not cheap it is also not much different than what most Pattaya go go bars were charging before the pandemic. In any event 1500 compares nicely to some of the other bars that demand bar fines of 2500 Baht or more.

Of course the ladies also expect compensation on top of the barfine from anyone who wants to avail of their sexual services. Most of the women at Fahrenheit A Gogo seem amenable to being barfines for a short time romp. Though they ask 3000 Baht for the pleasure. Although this is close to a hundred US dollars and nearly double than what even some sex workers in western countries charge it is in fact about on par for Walking Street. It’s definitely better than some of the outrageous sums requested from so-called “models” in other nearby bars.

None of this may matter to some of the people who end up in Fahrenheit anyway. Like many bars in Pattaya this place has a sort of wall of fame where they write down the biggest nightly checks they’ve had. If this list is to be trusted the top spender dropped the equivalent of $5,500 USD in a single outing. And he is not alone. I guess guys accustomed to spending the equivalent of a couple of Thai motorbikes on drinks wouldn’t really mind spending $100 on sex. Assuming they are sober enough to get it up by the end of the evening.

In my view Fahrenheit A Gogo is an above average go go bar. At least in terms of the number of ladies and their looks. The layout isn’t bad either and you aren’t usually cramped into some small space with no view. At the same time the prices are now surpassing what sex workers in some developed countries charge. And that is not the only issue. Variable barfine quotes, stories of rushed short time sessions and more abound. Unfortunately none of this surprises me considering that this place is located on Walking Street which these days has become a sort of Asian De Wallen. Still I give it an above average three stars.

Fahrenheit A Gogo. Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 8:00 PM until 2:00 AM.

7 thoughts on “Review: Fahrenheit A Gogo in Pattaya, Thailand”

  1. Hi Rockit,

    You said $100 USD is almost double of what some sex workers charge in western countries. What are some of these countries? I thought everyone increased their rates following the pandemic. I don’t think the German brothels are that cheap anymore. Thanks.

  2. A solid Bar that always deliver. Maybe not that exiting but a certain standard, good memories.

    Regarding prices. As Rockit states the Barfine is not over the roof.

    The compensation to the girl can be negotiated in most Bars if you show that your are not a newbie. I remember an old Uk-guy at Baccara. He was a regular and the girls respected him and he never payed more than 1500 ST, this was quite recent. Cheers.

    1. Thanks for the comment Alex. Some people are still paying “old” prices. But others are paying very inflated rates. Cheers.

  3. I visited the bar yesterday, very busy and loud.
    The girls throughout loooking very pretty and sexy and in a former experience polite, some kissing, touching, having fun. Lady drink was 220 B. I was quite happy to sit and joke with a real “stunner”, but also very “experienced” in making money. Drinking only Soda, and more quite quicker the later the evening.
    As looking very good, she got offers from other men during her dancing so she began to jump from one customer back to me and so on..not satisfied with this situation I had a nice talk to the mamasan, so it got bettet and I got a free drink. As I decided not to barfine her (2000+3000B), she went away, saying that she will be barfined every day, but she was polite and friendly ……that’s Pattaya, it’s normal..

    1. Thanks for the on the ground report Harry. 5000 Baht is a pretty penny in Pattaya. But as you say someone will pay it. Cheers.

      1. The Baht is getting weaker again.. And 2+3 t baht is not expensive in an top tier go go 2024? I have had fun and barfined from Farenheit in the past, happy to hear it still an attractive venue.

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