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Erika is a relatively tall and busty babe at Paradise Kawasaki who I would describe as “very Japanese.” While the shop she works at is actually oriented towards foreigners with all materials in English, Erika herself can only speak Japanese. Her ways and actions also reflect her origins. She is a real “J girl”.

As reported here a few years ago Paradise Kawasaki was the first soapland ever established for foreigners in Japan. As the name indicates it is actually located in the city of Kawasaki. But that city is just over the border from Tokyo proper as is actually considered a part of the Tokyo metro area. In any event it can be accessed from Tokyo by train in a matter of minutes. So the place is very accessible.

Erika soapland girl Kawasaki

There are a lot of women working at Paradise in Kawasaki. It could be difficult for a guy to chose one without feeling they may have missed out on another. But the prices are reasonable and it is easy enough to return to the shop. That should be obvious from the multiple reviews of individual providers I have done of Paradise gals here.

I have to hand it to Paradise for using pretty accurate photographs. Pretty much every shop in Japan edits pictures of the women on staff. But some like JK Style can do it to the point of outright distortion. The women I have seen at Paradise over the last two years look like their pictures. That is also true of Erika.

All about Erika

At 174 centimeters (5’8″) Erika is a bit tall for Japan. At least she seems so to me. But she is not lanky at all. Erika’s body is filled out nicely. She has curves in the right place and a substantial bust and backside that both fill the hand nicely. Her hair is somewhat short but is accents her face nicely.

Soapland sex Erika Japan

As stated Erika only speaks Japanese. That obviously doesn’t mean she can’t work foreigners however. She is quite nice to chat with even in limited Japanese. But she can also go about her soapland work well even if she is not able to hold long conversations. Her eyes are expressive and possibly her best feature though I am partial to the arch in her back for some reason.

Being in Paradise with Erika

Erika is a consummate soapland professional. In my experience it seems that service providers who only speak Japanese tend to be better at the actual soapy section of the services in these kinds of places. It almost appears as if English skill corresponds with soapy skill an attentiveness. No wonder so many guys look for an authentic “Japanese gal” experience.

A Japanese soapland experience is exactly what Erika providers. And her experience shines through the entire time. Erika is 24 years old. I don’t know exactly when she got into the game. But she has had plenty of time to hone her skills. And she has obviously done so.

Erika knows her way all over the silver inflatable mat used for the nuru massage. She also knows her way around a man’s body. She can cover you from top to bottom in a matter of seconds, slithering her sensuous frame all around like a stripper works a metal pole.

When it comes to the main event she also shows off her skills. Her blowjob is quite good and she spends a good amount of time sucking. She doesn’t appear to just be going through the motions. It’s almost as if she likes having something in her mouth to swirl her tongue around. And her full service is just as enthusiastic. She is a real rough rider on the mat. And all the nuru gel somehow heightens the experience. Erika can almost make you forget you’re paying for it.

Finding a foreigner friendly soapland in Tokyo was difficult even a few years ago. It took a lot of work to gain admission to any shop. Then you were usually stuck with whoever was available or willing to work with a gaijin. Paradise has changed all that. The experience isn’t exactly the same as a traditional soapland in all cases. But being in a private room with Erika is exactly like being in a “Japanese only” soapland. Four stars.

Note: Paradise has closed.

Address:Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki City, Kawasaki Ward, Minami-cho, 15-5 (Map)
Phone:+81 044-272-1300
Hours:8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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