Review: Cat at Mitu Massage in Bangkok, Thailand


For a period of more than a year I have been periodically writing about Mitu Massage in Bangkok. What started with a basic report on a new shop has expanded to extended coverage on a place that has drummed up a lot of interest.

After reviewing Mitu I went on to review providers offering special services under the Mitu label. A few months back I wrote about Marni and her “no hands massage”. Later I reviewed top Japanese-style massage provider Sana. Today I will talk the services as provided by a cast member who guys by the name of Cat.

Cat at Mitu Massage

Very recently all of the Mitu brands were combined for one Mitu massage service. Apparently some customers were confused by the names and varieties of services available so the management decided to bring everything together. It’s all called Mitu now and all of the women work together providing high end Japanese style massage.

Mitu Massage is incredibly easy to find. It is located on Sukhumvit 33 Soi 4. That sounds a lot more complicated than it is. The shop is stationed in a small alley that juts off to the right of Sukhumvit Soi 33. This alley is also home to CNC Residence which is marked with large signs. The alley is found just before the old Mitu Massage location when traveling from Sukhumvit Road.

Most big soapy massage parlors in Thailand have sideliners. Unlike the regularly schedule women who sit in the “fish bowls” of these massage parlors the sideliners are independent and can usually come and go as they please. They usually do no know how to perform services like the soapy body to body slide. Customers typically go with them for their looks. Most are in their early twenties and to many eyes a little more attractive than some of the more experienced service providers who work full time and sit in the stands. While a lot of the long time workers have children most of the sideliners have not.

I have said before that Mitu Massage is a lot like a soapy massage parlor. By this I mean that it resembles the soaplands of Japan in style and service. I do not mean that it looks or functions like the soapy massage complexes in Thailand such as The Lord. In fact I think Mitu Massage is the closest thing to a Japanese soapland that can be found outside of Japan. Since most soaplands in Japan do not accept foreigners it is likely that Mitu provides the only genuine soapland style service that most non-Japanese customers will even receive.

Mitu’s Sideline Massage took over a space once occupied by another massage shop. It is currently being renovated but it still looks better than a lot of oily massage parlors around town. The lobby has a front desk in the back and a row of couches to the side. While service providers do stay in the shop when working customers usually book appointments in advance. The Mitu website has a list of the women who work the shop. Clear and apparently untouched photographs of the women that include their faces are presented along with their measurements and availability. The website also describes where the women are from and how many children they have. At the time of writing none of the women from the sideline shop who joined the regular staff have any kinds and I would imagine it will stay that way in the future too.

The regular rooms at Mitu are located up several flights of stairs. In this the building is just like the original Mitu location. The rooms themselves are rather large. They have big beds to the back flanked by full length mirror on both sides. On the other end of the rooms sit large bath tubs that look just like those used in Japan’s soaplands. Tiled stairs separated by stones lead to these elevated tubs which are used to thoroughly wash customers at the beginning of sessions. VIP rooms are also being constructed. They are set to be available in a few weeks and will in all likelihood resemble the VIP rooms at Mitu’s old location.

Sessions at Mitu range depending on the amount of time and room scheduled. The women on staff are color coded. The different colors represent different rates. A 70-minute session with a woman in the middle red category costs 2700 Baht ($78 USD).

One of the leading cast members at Mitu massage and now a regular at Mitu is Cat. Miss Cat is a twenty-year old women who is short in stature but curvy where it counts. Her posterior is on the small side but the lass is quite busty. She has medium brown skin and long hair which she has lightened from its natural black to several shades of brown. Cat is either a master of cosmetics or knows someone who is. Her makeup seem to be expertly applied along with her long black eyelashes. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder Cat seems to me like the kind of girl that a lot of Western customers would salivate over in any of the nearby go go bars. For some reason she reminds me of some of the tan stunners that work the erotic Korean massage parlors in the US. She has a K-pop kind of feel about her.

It seems that Cat moved on from her studies into part time work at Mitu Massage. I do not know what courses she took during her time at school but from the level of service it offers it seems that something about pleasing men must have been in the mix. From the beginning to the end of her sessions Cat sets out to really impress.

All women at Mitu follow a similar procedure. Sessions start with a rinse then a dip in the tub. The customer’s body is washed then dried. Things then move to the bed where oral and full service is provided. That usually leads to another rinse and if time allows a short massage before the session comes to an end. Customers are then led back to the lobby and big a fond farewell.

At any shop with multiple women on staff there is variation in the services provided. Usually all variation falls within a certain realm. At certain times however there are things that either fall behind or go above and beyond. Cat’s service could be described as the later. She is as service oriented as she is skilled. It is rare to see someone so well equipped and enthusiastic in the local industry in this day and age.

Cat starts out with very thorough washes and scrubs that approach the level of professionalism one might expect in a spa. That is followed by genuinely skilled massages. At most massage parlors erotic services are the main focus and regular body massages are barely performed if indeed they are performed at all. Cat knows massage well enough to work and shine at any mainstream massage shop. She is good enough to be visited for a massage alone. She really knows how to rub everything from the back to the ball of the foot. She shines in the more intimate services too.

The vigor and skill Cat shows elsewhere extend to all of her activities. She truly goes all the way when going all the way. The extra mile is actually surpassed by several hundred feet. I doubt many or in fact any customers would have any complaints about her head to toe treatment. I do not know if Cat has studied music at any point in her life but she is also an expert player of the rusty trombone. In normal circumstances it seems she requires no covers except for the finish. From the beginning to end of her sessions it is clear that she really aims to please.

Cat is one of the best performers in the local industry today. Truth be told she may not be the one I would pick out of a lineup if I had the choice but that is not because she is unattractive. It is simply because her looks do not and cannot convey the extremely high level of service she provides. Five stars.

Address:Sukhumvit Soi 33, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone:+66 095-851-0672
Hours:11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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