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Review: Bongkot in Bangkok, Thailand (CLOSED)

The Thai capital of Bangkok is a large city. Things like traffic and the general layout can make it seem even bigger than it actually is. Many of Bangkok’s streets contain adult entertainment venues. I’ve written about dozens here but there are still countless places around that I have yet to cover.

The most common if not the most famous types of adult venues in Bangkok may very well be the oily massage parlors. These places can be found all over the city with large concentrations in some of the sois that extend from Sukhumvit.

Bongkot Massage Bangkok

Bongkot Massage is well known among massage aficionados. It is located on Sukhumvit Soi 22. It is accessed by making the first right turn when walking down Soi 22 from Sukhumvit. This leads to a small short alley that contains Bongkot and some other establishments.

Bongkot has one of the lowest rates of any oily massage parlor in the area. The hour fee for an oily massage is just 400 Baht ($12 USD) for one hour. This is one hundred to two hundred Baht less than most places charge today. An additional 1500 Baht ($49 USD) is required for the service providers. This is the local standard.

Bongkot has a small lobby. When inside it is easy for customers to see inside of the small room off to the side where the service providers wait in between customers. Since the lobby is so small customers are brought into the side room to see the women available instead of having the ladies brought to them.

There are usually around a dozen women working at Bongkot. Some are average in looks. Others are a bit less attractive. The place is more known for the level of service than the level of attractiveness of its service providers. Most people don’t visit to find beauty queens though beauty is in the eye of the beholder so it is possible for a guy to find someone they find to be extremely beautiful. To their credit the women who work at Bongkot seem to spend a lot of time and effort to get their hair and makeup right.

Bongkot isn’t the nicest place around but it isn’t the worst either. The lobby is kept relatively clean and the rooms are too. The biggest issue in terms of quarters is that the entire shop tends to have a bad smell. This might not be the fault of Bongkot however. Sewage backup is a real issue all over Thailand. I once looked at some expensive top end condos that had the same problem even in rooms located several floors up off of the ground.

As mentioned the rooms at Bongkot are kept clean though they are a little small. With the place being known for service I don’t think the room size is any more of a factor for people who decide to visit than the looks of the ladies on staff.

I keep mentioning the service level because that seems to be the main attraction for nearly all customers. The one hundred baht price cut may have some draw but I doubt it. The ladies at Bongkot are famous for their skills. They are known to know their way around a man and participate in all sorts of activities. Things like a-levels and facial finishes are often included in full service sessions though ultimately this depends on the ladies and the situations. Many of the women have developed serious sucking skills too. Uncovered oral is standard. Multiple shots are also the norm for all of the ladies. Guys who can get off more than once in a single appointment are invited to do just that.

Tipping is not expected or asked for at Bongkot though some customers do give them. Ladies obviously accept these with pleasure though they don’t seem to be disappointed or put off of customers who do not want to kick up any extra dough.

Bongkot Massage is a small oily massage parlor. It is kept clean and has lower than average prices though this is not the main thing that sets it apart from competitors. The main draw seems to be a superior level of service. I give it three-and-a-half-stars.

Note: Bongkot has closed. Thanks to Max and HF for the heads up and others on the ground who confirmed the news.

10 thoughts on “Review: Bongkot in Bangkok, Thailand (CLOSED)”

  1. Thx for the review: I didn t know this place yet it is almost a copycat review of what I could have write about my all time favourite in the same area which is “Snow White ” , less the smell…I ll definitely check this place.

  2. I’m confused by this review. Bongkot closed down many months ago. Even the website doesn’t exist anymore. Last time I walked down the little alleyway to reach it there was a real estate sign on the door listing it as available. That being said, it was a great place when it was operating as it had service levels similar to Tulip, Snow White, etc.

    1. Thanks for the comment. There are many places around the world that I would like to report on but I am limited by time and resources. In this case the report was prepared sometime in the past but the opportunity to publish didn’t come about until now. It looks like Bongkot may indeed be closed now. I will have to update the report to indicate that but it still has some value as the place existed for many years and was a good example of this type of massage parlor. Cheers.

  3. Well I have tried, but I couldn ‘t find it . I would eventually of course , unless it is not operating anymore but I thought it is worth mentioning that their website is dead and that google map sends you to sukhumvit 43??…And on soi 22 , I just couldn’t spot it among the dozens of other massage joints and side streets. So I went back to” Snow White” where a multiple shots 1h.30 session is 2100b and 1hour is 1900b, “wheel” was her name, a 35 something, petite cutie with an exquisite mouth and an inspiring tiny ass. She was really fun and going the extra mile in order to please.Oh well , that’s the beauty of this city: there will always be a plan B.

    1. Thanks for the report. I asked someone and they said the shop may have indeed closed recently after years of service. I will try to confirm and report back. Cheers.

    2. Totally understood and keep up the good work! Bongkot was great while it lasted. A Bongkot favorite, View, for instance has recently been working at Tulip.

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