Review: Bit Style in Bangkok, Thailand (UPDATED)


Following on yesterday’s updated guest review of Queen’s Chamber in Manila, I have decided to publish an updated review of Bit Style in Bangkok. I first reviewed Bit Style back in early 2015. At the time the place was operating a Japanese style blowjob bar. After that it closed and reopened several times before taking on its current incarnation.

At some point I do plan to update a lot of the older material on this site to modernize it and make it confirm with the editorial style and policy that has taken hold here. As you might imagine this will require a lot of work. Since I have to balance my available time and energy I have decided to continue to focus on publish new material on a regular schedule. So for the time being readers will have to deal with archives that can sometimes be out of date or out of whack when compared to the rest of the site so that a constant stream of new material can be provided. Occasionally updates such as this will occur though the priority will continue to be placed on reporting on the as of yet unreported.

Bit Style in Bangkok

As mentioned Bit Style was once a Bangkok blowjob bar. It separated itself from the pack with an authentic Japanese style that undoubtedly originated in its Japanese owner. The proximity of the place to Soi 33 which is commonly called “Soi Japan” probably contributed too.

Bit Style Bangkok

Bit Style was more expensive than other blowjob bars but it also had a very attractive staff and offered different services such as a handcuff service that meant the women working at the place only used their mouths. Perhaps this caused a problem. I have no way to know. What I do know is that the place opened and closed several times before finally reopening under a new ownership and business model. This may have happened in a rush as the presence of both an old website and a new website may indicate. Since the newest version of Bit Style is so different from the original it deserves its own review.

Bit Style today

Bit Style is located down a side alley off of Sukhumvit Soi 22. The alley is filled with various massage places. The entrance to Bit Style is indicated by several signs.

Once passing through the glass doors customers immediately find themselves in a small lobby facing a front desk. There an attractive but inattentive Thai woman sits managing the place. This woman almost seems shocked at the arrival of customers but this may be due to something like dealing in three languages at once.

In any event this manager hands customers a folder that contains a multiple page menu. The menu contains some rather confusing tables in English and Japanese showing the services available and corresponding prices.

Prices and services

Bit Style has always been more expensive than its competitors, but the new rates are even higher than some high end soapy massage parlors like The Lord. While there are various services available, the “forty minute two girl lingerie massage with blow job” listed on the menu for 2700 Baht ($77 USD) gives a good example of the prices. For comparison, the same service minus the lingerie is available at other blowjob bars in walking distance for as little as 1400 Baht ($40 USD) by women who are typically more skilled.

Most blowjob bars have “big rooms” available with beds that typically cost more than their booths. At Bit Style things like the “two girl massage” are performed in private booths with small couches that look like they come right out of a Japanese pinsaro.

Each booth has walls and a door. The walls do not go all the way up to the ceiling and there are no sinks in the booths either but the place is definitely clean.

Staff and proceedure

The staff at Bit Style is not large. In the middle of the day there may only be four women working. If two are busy with a customer that means that only two are available. The women are generally attractive and in their early twenties. Some are more attractive than others and a few are average at best. There don’t seem to be any large or old women.

After customers select a service the manager calls for the available women. The women emerge from a small lounge room behind the desk wearing teddies and lingerie that looks a lot sexier than the usual jeans and t-shirt that can be found in much of the country.

After the customer selects his service provider he is offered a free drink and taken to a small bench in a hallway. There he takes off his shoes and puts on a pair of slippers before heading up a small staircase.

At the top of the staircase there are several private booths of the type that have already been described here. In the original Bit Style dance music was played at a very loud level. In the new Bit Style soft music plays over the speakers.

Once customers enter their booths they are told to undress and put their clothes up on a hanger in the corner. The service provider then proceeds to clean their intimate areas with a wet nap and begin service.

Skill level and summary

Things can be a little mechanical and the women at Bit Style often claim to tire out after only a few minutes. Some also have foul smelling breath which surely must put customers off even if they are otherwise attractive and fit.

The women at Bit Style aren’t superbly skilled at their work either. A few even seem to shy away from it. So for example during a two woman massage one woman may stick strictly to kissing the neck and nipples of a customer while the other does all of the heavy lifting. Even when requested to switch they may not. Still the women don’t seem to detest their work or anything like that.

In fact the women actually seem to be fun spirited and even have a good time with their work but they don’t necessarily take it very seriously. At times they even seem puzzled about exactly what they are supposed to do. When sessions finish before schedule as they often do the women don’t even seem to know if they should spend the rest of the time with their customers or guide him out the door. Unless he protests they usually do the latter.

After sessions conclude customers are dressed and escorts back downstairs to their shoes. Once they put their shoes on they are guided back to the main entrance by their service providers and given a farewell.

Bit Style is a clean and modern place that doesn’t necessarily seem to have found its niche. The prices at the shop are higher than the competitors though it isn’t exactly clear why. Two stars.

Address:Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Hours:2:00 PM - 12:00 AM
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