Review: Becky at Paradise Kawasaki in Kawasaki, Japan


Over the past few days I have published several reports on women working at Paradise soapland in Kawasaki. As previously described Paradise is the first foreigner oriented soapland in Japan. For what will be my last post on the subject for a while I will write about Becky one of the shop’s most popular service providers. In terms of attractiveness at least I have saved the best for last.

Japanese porn can be a bit deceiving. Generally speaking the Japanese AV industry recruits the cream of the crop in terms of looks. That’s not necessarily the case in the United States anymore where a lot of the women entering porn in recent years have been getting larger along with the general population.

People who watch Japanese AV may get the idea that every woman in Japan is incredibly beautiful and sexy. That is not the case. It is no different than people in countries like India who watch American movies and come to believe that everyone in the US is fit and attractive with blonde hair and blue eyes.

While AV fans might be disappointed if they come to Japan and go to a place like Hinomaru they would undoubtedly be ecstatic if they instead booked a session with Becky. She actually looks better than a lot of the women doing porn in Japan today. There is a reason her pictures appear in a lot of the Paradise marketing materials.

In reality Becky looks even better than her pictures. She is very tall and shapely without carrying a bit of fat. She has jet black hair and a beautiful face. Her long legs look like they are sculpted. Every curve seems to be in the right place.

Becky soapland Tokyo

Most Japanese people have fair skin. Becky’s skin is as white as snow. That is broken up by numerous black tattoos but they don’t take much away. Becky is a rare case of tattoos actually looking good on a woman. I am sure they won’t look so great when Becky is sixty but at the moment they only serve to accent her twenty three year old body. I know that she’s twenty three because she has her birth date tattooed on her body in roman numerals.

Tattooing is all the rage with young people around the world. I am not a fan but as mentioned the ink Becky sports actually looks good. Everything comes together quite nicely.

Becky apparently spent some time in the United States studying English. While she wasn’t there long enough to become fluent she did manage to learn how to speak naturally. I have to admit that it is a bit strange to hear someone speak so naturally when they lack vocabulary but it is no big deal. As far as I know no one goes to a place like Paradise for the conversation anyway.

It is often said that beautiful women are lazy especially when it comes to the bedroom. I have not always found that to be true but Becky certainly isn’t as service oriented as the less attractive Sakura who works at the same place. Some people prefer looks. Others put priority on service. That’s one reason places like Paradise have multiple women on staff to begin with.

If Becky doesn’t do things like bend over and take off her the shoes of her customers it isn’t because she thinks she’s above them. As far as I can tell she doesn’t think about it at all. She is a bit aloof in that regard. There is another stereotype that says beautiful women aren’t the most intelligent. I haven’t given Becky an IQ test. For all I know she may be a member of MENSA. What I can say is that she isn’t the most attentive service provider around.

Becky is one of the best looking women to be found however. Especially in the commercial sex industry in Japan. It seems that Becky purposely choose to work with foreigners too. That could be because she wants to work on her English but I would like to think there’s more than that involved. Especially since she finds the full service aspect of her job so pleasurable that she sometimes loses all control!

Note: Paradise has closed.

Address:Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki City, Kawasaki Ward, Minami-cho, 15-5 (Map)
Phone:+81 044-272-1300
Hours:8:00 AM - 11:00 PM
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