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Review: Bangkok Passion in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Passion is one of the many erotic massage parlors off of Sukhumvit Soi 22. The small side street that contains Bangkok Passion is now packed full of sensual massage parlors offering all sorts of special services. Handjobs, oral and full service can be found all over Bangkok. But Soi 22 is home to many small shops with exceptional offerings like lingam and couples massage.

I am not totally sure how the side soi off of Sukhumvit 22 developed into a sort of erotic alley. But things have certainly gone that way over the years. It must be productive as several shops have expanded. A while back I reviewed Exotic Massage and Sensual Massage in the same area. Exotic and Sensual are not related to Passion or each other, even if they do all have similar services. But the owner of Bangkok Passion has multiple shops along the strip including Absolute, Bangkok Bunny, Honey Bee, Kiss Bangkok and Thai Candy Massage.

Bangkok Passion Massage

As stated above, Bangkok Passion is located in a small alley that juts off of Sukhumvit Soi 22. It is a few hundred meters south of Sukhumvit Road on the left. With so many erotic massage signs, it would be tough to miss for anyone who turns their head. Bangkok Passion is one of the first establishments you see when you enter the alley. The place is quite obvious on the right hand side with some large signs and usually a few women waiting outside for customers.

Bangkok Passion prices

Customers are welcomed and showed a menu when they enter Bangkok Passion. Although the ladies at the shop are open to offering a number of services, the price list is kept mercifully simple. There are basically four types of sessions: handjob, blowjob, full service and soapy massage with full service. All of the options come with nude body to body massage.

The cheapest session at Passion is a thirty minute massage with handjob for 1200 Baht ($40 USD) that is reminiscent of the service provided at Z-Through Spa in Ubon. The most expensive appointment costs 2800 Baht ($92 USD). That lasts two hours and includes a soapy massage and full service in a VIP room.

Service providers on staff

There are seven or eight women working in the shop at any given time and they line up for customers in person. But since the shop owner also has many more stores on the same street there are actually even more ladies available. All of the women who work at the boss’s shops on the strip can go in and out of the other parlors by request.

The ladies working through Bangkok Passion range in looks. Most are at least somewhat attractive and in their twenties. A few are a bit older. Beauty is ultimately in the eye of the beholder, but all sorts of looks are represented at Bangkok Passion. There are twenty year old all natural masseuses with no children or tattoos along with experienced busty MILFs and even some large ladies for those who like cushion for the pushing. The gals don’t always seem that friendly up front. Perhaps it has something to do with the pressures of lining up for strangers who walk in off the streets. But in the privacy of the room they tend to lighten up quite a bit and become much more amenable and affectionate.

Service and summary

The quarters at Bangkok Passion are nothing special. Even the VIP room is fairly basic. It’s all clean and functional but no one is visiting for the surroundings. The ladies and the special services they offer are the obvious draw. The most notable service is probably the “tantric lingam” massage offered up front, which is basically an extended tease and denial or edging session. But many of the ladies are up for all sorts of things including foot worship, face sitting, golden showers and more.

Of course the ladies don’t usually bring up the special services themselves. Instead they just go along with a standard sort of approach starting with a shower and ending happy. But customers who speak up usually find that their reasonable requests are accepted and applied with some skill and vigor. The gals tend to be quite good at what they do. Some of the slightly older and more experienced women in their thirties can be particular skilled.

Bangkok Passion is a straight forward on demand place with plenty of women on staff. Many of the ladies look good and they are all eager to please. The prices are reasonable consider all that is offered. And the women rarely if ever ask for or expect tips. This all combines to make Bangkok Passion a real stand out even in such a crowded and competitive area. That’s why the place deserves four stars.

Bangkok Passion. Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 10:00 AM until 1:00 AM. Phone: +66 09-7085-1731. Website:

18 thoughts on “Review: Bangkok Passion in Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. Seems like a good business model to state openly that they can draw providers from a variety of sister shops. Isn’t that called “just in time” supply, in economics?

    The price point also seems reasonable. But now I wonder: how would it be to sample all of the shops along Soi 22? How much time/days would it require?

    Thanks as always Rockit. Long time reader and commenter, although my login email keeps changing….

    1. It would require a significant time and a considerable sum of Baht to get through every shop on that street. Thanks for reading and commenting. Cheers!

  2. We’ve had the chance to try the couple massage and would agree that the rooms are nothing special, but good communication from the beginning can get you a lot of fun. Not all ladies are comfortable with couples, many are happy to use their hands but if you go with your loved one the best thing is to smile and clearly ask who actually, really likes girls. In our experience that means only a few choices, but since you go with two ladies you want to make sure one is fully dedicated to your partner, while the second one can be purely on looks (and there’s a few very beautiful girls too). Knowing what you want and clearly expressing it seems key here more than at other places to avoid standard service, but if you do so it’s very rewarding no matter your gender and preferences.

  3. How would to say it compares to Don quixote on soi 26? Similar prices for full service sessions, but 2 hours for passion versus 1and a half with two shots for quixote being the main difference from what i understood. Ia the extra star only because of the location? Regards.

    1. I don’t necessarily think the places compare. Don Quixote is more of an East Asian themed place with higher prices, better rooms and arguably more attractive women and a higher level of service. Bangkok Passion is more economical with a larger pool of women and a wider range of services. Cheers.

  4. Is this place in the same alley with Bitstyle Pinsaro? I think I been there once or twice but I can’t remember very well. It might have been long before I discovered Bitstyle which happened to be one of my 3 best places in Thailand at that time!! Cheers!

  5. I want to go with my boyfriend as a birthday present but I’m not attracted to women. Their website says they have male masseuses who can do “yoni massage”, but this review doesn’t mention if they have any and their website doesn’t have any photos of men.

    Does anyone have any experience with massage here with a male masseuse? Are they attractive?

    1. Most of the places that have male masseuses available will call them in for special appointments. I have never seen a place where they actually have men on call. The exception would be the places that are entirely staffed by males like Boyz Boyz Boyz bar in Pattaya or the male massage places of Patpong in Bangkok.

      I wrote a post about sexual service for women and couples in Bangkok that you may be interested in. I also did an interview with a male sex worker in Thailand.


    1. Female service providers sometimes charge extra to receive anal. I have never heard of a male provider charging more to deliver anal however. Cheers.

  6. I’ve been there a few years ago and had a good time using the table with hole for bj while getting massaged.

    This time I asked for 2 ladies to come to my room. Not so good.
    The good thing is they accept CC as payment in incall or outcall but they forgot the machine so we had to wait 30 min for someone to bring it and they asked me to pay the delivery guy for their screwup mai bpen rai. They promised in Line that cim is possible but ladies refused not mai bpen rai. Overall service was so so and they definitely didn’t look like photos. I regretted not taking cash from atm and going elsewhere like dokidoki instead.

    1. Thanks for the report Marko. Unfortunately I am not too surprised about the mix up. That sort of thing is rather common nowadays. Cheers.

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