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I first reported on the Doki Doki massage parlor in Bangkok over a year ago. At the time I gave the place high marks and noted that is well run and staffed by skilled and dedicated providers. Not much has changed in the time since. At least in terms of service. The place seems to have become noticeably more popular which probably explains why they have added more rooms and also hired more ladies.

As far as I can tell Alice has been working at Doki Doki from the start. It is not her first rodeo either. She used to work at another place reviewed on this site though it might take a very astute eye or great memory to determine which one.

Alice at Doki Doki

Alice is a Thai woman in her twenties. She has a pretty face set off by a big smile. She isn’t anorexic or sporting a gym toned body. But she is definitely not fat either. I would say she has a nice soft feminine body that looks quite good.

beautiful Thai masseuse Alice

Although Alice has been in the game for a few years she still maintains a rather youthful look. That matches with her outward exuberance. She is about as welcoming and warm as it comes. That is not always something seen in the land of smiles these days. Especially when it comes to the adult entertainment industry.

From the outset of her appointments Alice is friendly and forthcoming. She is the type of provider to grab a client by the hand and guide him up the stairs with a look in her eye like she wants what is coming. In the room she knows how to organize and get things done without ever seeming overly professional or mechanical.

Alice starts by assisting with undressing. From there things go over to the large wet area where the Japanese silver air mat and nuru nuru gel are prepared. It is here where Alice truly excels. Many places and people now claim to do a nuru nuru or body to body massage. Alice shows exactly how it should be done. She is as thorough as she is adventurous when it comes to mat play.

Alice at Doki Doki Bangkok

Alice is very thorough working the body from top to bottom on both sides. It is almost as if she trained at one of the high end soaplands in Japan. She is that good when it comes to the body slide. To top things off, everything from her touch to her all over oral with rimming and multiple position full service are above average. She is very good at what she does.

Alice’s sensual services

The adult industry worldwide is notorious for its liberal use of Photoshop. That is starting to change a bit as the number of camera phones and independents continues to grow. Still many or even most pictures continue to be heavily edited especially in Bangkok. From what I hear photographers do things like skin lightening and more even when their customers request otherwise. It is just ingrained.

I don’t think the three pictures of Alice on the Doki Doki website are edited though I can’t be totally sure. What I can say is that Alice is a rare example of a woman who looks better in person than she does in her pictures. I am sure she is picked out of many lineups in the Doki Doki lobby.

That is if she is not booked throughout the day in advance. I am sure that she would stay very busy if punters knew about the high level of service she provides. Perhaps most importantly she genuinely seems to enjoy her work.

I find Alice to be quite attractive and even more charming. That of course is a matter of opinion. But in terms of skill and service alone she is one of the best performers of any service provider in Bangkok. Since the city is filled with so many women doing similar work that is really saying something. Four-and-a-half stars.

Address:3/25 Soi Sukhumvit 31, Khwaeng Khlong Toei Nuea, Bangkok 10110, Thailand (Map)
Phone:+66 098-569-8794
Hours:10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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