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Review: Aimi Bangkok Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

Aimi Bangkok Massage is a high end erotic massage parlor in Thailand. The shop claims to offer “the best nuru” in Bangkok. My extensive testing leads me to believe that may very well be true. I continue to be astonished by the heights that Bangkok’s sensual massage parlors can reach. These days the city is home to some truly amazing places like Aimi Massage.

For those who prefer to sit back and receive service there could hardly be a better option than nuru massage. This Japanese practice has a nude lady cover herself in a clear slippery gel and slide all over the customer’s body. It is a very sensual service that ranks among the best of the best in terms of adult entertainment. There is no wonder that nuru nuru has spread from the Land of the Rising Sun to the other countries of the world. But Bangkok in particular has really become a center of nuru massage.

Aimi Bangkok Massage women

Because nuru massage is so good it is also very popular. Some shops in Bangkok and other cities have tried to take advantage of this popularity by purporting to offer nuru massage. In fact nuru massage takes a particular skill and should be performed by true experts who are trained in the erotic arts. Real nuru massage also involves a special inflatable mat and a certain type of lubricant. You can’t simply spray some baby oil on a guy’s back then rub a couple of nipples across his shoulder blades and call that a nuru massage.

Well, maybe you can. But you shouldn’t. Since that wouldn’t be accurate. Genuine nuru massage offered at a place like Aimi Bangkok Massage is head and shoulders above a basic oil massage. Or even an untrained nuru session. Aimi Bangkok Massage is setup as a real nuru facility complete with all the accoutrements. The shop also staffs a number of beautiful Thai ladies who are adept at full service nuru massage and more.

Aimi Bangkok Massage location and layout

Aimi Bangkok Massage is in an easy to find yet discreet location. The shop is set back in a small alley just off of Sukhumvit Soi 18. It is just a few hundred meters from the main Sukhumvit thoroughfare. The walk from Sukhumvit to Aimi Massage takes less than five minutes.

When traveling from Sukhumvit proper down Soi 18, Aimi is in the third sub soi on the left. One could easily miss the place if they didn’t know what they were looking for. At the same time you can walk right to the front door with ease once you know the location. So it’s in a convenient area without exposing customers to the eyes of passersby. I am all for this sort of setup.

Aimi Nuru Massage Bangkok

Inside the shop is well appointed and clean. The lobby has a long raised counter that would not be out of place in a four star hotel. Next to that are three black leather couches for customers. Booking a session is as simple as walking in and taking a seat. The English speaking staff are attentive and know what they are talking about.

The private rooms are where the magic happens. They were created with attention to detail and an understanding of what nuru massage entails. The rooms look like larger versions of what you might see in a Japanese soapland. There are specially designed wet areas as well as the dry side with nice elevated beds. Everything is there and done right. There are some added touches that I like too. Such as the horizontal mirrors hung in just the right place next to the nuru massage area. This really adds to the experience.

Aimi Massage staff and nuru massage

While the facilities play an important part in any massage parlor the staff is the real key to the business. Aimi Bangkok Massage knows this to be true. So they have assembled a team of some of the best looking and most well trained nuru masseuses you can find. Of course there are always changes in these kinds of shops. But the eight women I have seen working at Aimi were all attractive and great at their jobs.

Although all the ladies are fit and good looking there is a decent variety among them. From the mature yet beautiful Mabel to the young and busty Hana these ladies are all hot and skilled where it matters. The enhanced Hinata is a real pro. Then there are more innocent and natural types like Gaya in the mix. It would be difficult for me to select a favorite here.

Thailand nuru massage women

The ladies are divided into two different classes. There are the “classic” gals and then there are the “excellent” ladies. Truth be told, they are all excellent in my experience. Though there is a pricing difference between the two groups. Sessions with the excellent ladies cost a little bit more. I’ll get into the exact pricing further into this review.

The actual massages are performed adroitly by women with real aplomb. In my view this is what a real relaxing and satisfying erotic massage should look like. After selecting a lady you are led into one of the aforementioned private rooms. After some small talk you are undressed. Your then nude masseuse takes you into the wet area where she cleans you from your shoulders to your feet. She then sets up the inflatable mat and prepares some warm nuru gel.

Nuru massage bangkok babes

For the nuru service you are settled on the mat while your fully nude masseuse covers you lovingly in that slick and slippery lotion. She then rubs the gel all over herself, creating a sparkling and enticing scene. Next the fun starts. She climbs on top of you and slides all over your body.

The skin to skin contact is intense and immensely enjoyable. Especially when it transitions into the more erotic aspects of the massage. Touching, licking, sucking and more sliding leads to the full service finale.

Prices and summary

Considering all that is on offer at Aimi Bangkok Massage I think that the prices are quite fair. A nuru massage from a “classic” lady costs just 3900 Baht ($106 USD). The same session with a women from “excellent” group runs a bit more at 4900 ($133 USD). This is about par for the local industry and much cheaper than what a similar service would cost in Japan. No wonder there is such a market for real nuru massage in Bangkok!

A session at a high end nuru massage parlor like Aimi can come in significantly less expensive than a night out visiting go go bars. Since the ladies are good looking and the service more or less guaranteed many men in the know prefer to book an erotic massage than trapse around town looking for a lady who might not even exist. I have to admit my preference for erotic massage over nearly all other adult service. Still I do my best to be objective.

Two beautiful Thai massage women

For sake of simplicity all courses at Aimi Massage are 80 minutes in length. This is just the right amount of time to really enjoy the session. This also keeps things straightforward and without the need for pages of menus or options. This is a place that does nuru massage and does it well.

Aimi Bangkok Massage is a Bangkok nuru massage parlor with class. It is in a good location. The shop is well appointed and kept clean. The ladies are pretty and service oriented. And they know how to please a man. This shop really checks all the boxes in my book.

As a fan of nuru massage I am pleased to see how well the local industry has developed. Men in Bangkok are now spoiled for choice. Yet some shops are definitely better than others. In my view Aimi Bangkok Massage has emerged as one of the best nuru massage parlors in town. Since I can’t find any negatives it only seems right to Aimi Bangkok Massage a perfect score of five stars. I really the like the place.

Aimi Bangkok Massage. 21, 7 Sukhumvit Soi 18, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM. Website:

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  1. Hi, I have a question time related. To be specific, what would you recommend in Bangkok that’s open whole night? All these places seems to close around midnight, is there any good exception?

    1. I don’t make recommendations. This website is only for entertainment. Most erotic massage parlors in Bangkok close by midnight. Many close by 10:00 PM. Cheers.

    1. Some ladies would probably do it if asked. Though to be honest I don’t think anyone is visiting this sort of place for a therapeutic massage. Cheers.

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