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Review: 101 Premier Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

101 Premier Massage is one of the many oily massage parlors in Bangkok. As the shop’s website makes pretty clear the place is more or less oriented to Japanese customers even though customers of other national origins are certainly accepted.

101 Premier is located in a small dead end side street off of Sukhumvit Soi 26. The Premier Condo building is not far away from the massage parlor but I tend to think that is just a coincidence. Then again you never know in Bangkok.

The Phrom Pong area where 101 Premier has set down roots is home to numerous other massage parlors of a similar variety. I have reviewed some of those places on this website but the sheer number is staggering. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to write about each and every one here but I’ll certainly do my best.

101 Premier Massage

When customers enter 101 Premier they decide on a course then select one of the available service providers from a binder containing heavily edited photographs. Some of the women in the book are inevitably unavailable and a few may not even work at 101 Premier any longer.

Generally speaking the ladies who do work at 101 Premier Massage are attractive. They tend to be in their twenties and fit. Few show signs of previous child birth. Most do a good job on their hair and makeup each day too.

101 Premier Massage Bangkok

The rate for a standard one hour oil massage in a room with a shower is 2100 Baht ($67 USD). That is about the norm for the local industry. Longer sessions and rooms with bath tubs are also available for additional money.

Outcall service is also available with some of the of the women on staff though the rates are different. Most of the women on staff don’t seem to offer outcall though a hand few are listed as “outcall: ok”.

Inside the parlor

The standard shower rooms at 101 Premiere are relatively clean if plain room with elevated beds and showers. They aren’t big by any means but they provide enough room for the task at hand. The bath rooms are larger and fit with the slightly higher prices.

Although the shop does accept people of all sorts the women do seem to be more or less used to working with Japanese customers. On the one hand that normally means a higher level of customers service. On the other it can lead to some awkwardness when customers from places other than Japan show up.

The ladies at 101 Premier seem more or less willing and able to work with anyone though neither they or the shop staff in general provides the kind of customer oriented service that is found at the nearby Mitu Massage.

Still the ladies who work at 101 Premier Massage do deliver the massages they promise for the agreed upon rate. The body rubs themselves are normally mediocre as is par for the course in Bangkok oilies. Since most customers are looking for more than a back rub few seem to complain.

The main draw at 101 Premier Massage and places like it is that full service is included in the service. At 101 that is also true. The ladies who work the shop know their way around a man’s body as evidenced by the way they go about their jobs. Three stars.

101 Premier Massage, Bangkok, Thailand. Click here for a map. Open every day from 11:00 am to midnight. Website:

5 thoughts on “Review: 101 Premier Massage in Bangkok, Thailand”

  1. FWIW, my go to semi-pro masseuse, outside the center, gives me an outstanding massage and FS at 2500 for two hours. But we’ve been doing this for several years now.

    She even moved to another shop but seems to have an agreement with the owners of the previous place – closer to my apartment – that she can use their rooms when I come a-calling.

  2. It is very rare to find someone who is really good at both massage skills and FS. For this reason I do the two things with different service providers.
    One of the most fun things in life is to be a repeat customer of a professional masseuse and get to know her as a friend, not just as a customer and get the extra services free or for a lot less. Of course, this will take time and money and you have to improve your local language skills and she must like you in the process. Cheers!

    1. I totally agree. The arrangement I describe stems from what originally was my weekly massage, where she’d offer a HE but it wasn’t the highlight of the session. Over time (probably only a few weeks!) it developed into enough cpmfort on her part that she offered more.

      When we’ve spent the night together there’s been no massaging, but she’s got both skills down so well that I regularly go to the shop for a rub and a shag.

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