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As regular readers of this site and even casual observers of Japan know the land of the rising sun is home to a gigantic adult entertainment scene that runs the gamut of human sexuality. Everything from ladyboy outcall services to peep shows and boob touching bars can be found on the streets of cities like Tokyo.

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A female member of the Universe Club

As visitors have often learned the hard way most of the commercial scene is off limits to foreigners. Most adult toy stores and strip clubs allow non-Japanese customers through their doors without a second look. But the vast majority of hands on businesses turn gaijin away. That’s especially true when they potential customers cannot speak Japanese.

Dating in Japan

The same goes for dating. There has long been talk of a supposed desire Japanese women have for foreign men. In actuality there are huge barriers for foreigners looking to date Japanese women in country. The biggest is the language barrier since most Japanese people stick strictly to their native tongue. Another issue is the business culture in Japan, which requires people to work incredibly long hours most days of the week. Even when foreign guys are able to communicate with a Japanese woman they have to deal with the real possibility that her only free time consists of a few hours spread over one or two days a week.

Japanese guys face their own issues with dating. They don’t have to deal with the language barrier but they do have to work. They also have to try to date women who often work just as much as they do. Other things come into play too. Paying to arrange things is widely accepted. Even in nightclubs well off Japanese guys pay for VIP status or table service partly to have club staff find women on the dance floor to come sit with them. This all combines to create an environment where compensated dating can emerge and even thrive.

Compensated dating in Japan

Some Japanese guys resort to one off quickies scored at adult dating cafes like Kirari. Foreigners can access some of these clubs but it usually requires at least some degree of Japanese language ability. There can also be issues with the women who show up at these places randomly off of the street.

More well-healed Japanese guys often work with dating clubs that screen and profile their female members. The guys have to pay money for this service but for those with more money than time on their hands it can easily make sense.

Universe Club

As mentioned in previous posts Universe Club seems to be the only adult dating club in the entire country that actively courts foreigners. While their main business is probably their Japanese component catering to locals they actually have a dedicated English website and staff who speak the language at a native level.

Foreign guys who want to join the club only have to contact them to set up an appointment. Some basic information is gathered and they can then start an introductory period to see if they like the arrangement. Customers who want to continue on after that pay a membership fee according to which class they want to join. The standard class starts with gold, platinum and black classes above that.

Female members are assigned to classes by the club when they sign up. Guys can view and date women in their class and the classes below them. They cannot date the women in the classes above them.

I have already written about both the standard class and the gold class at Universe Club. I will write about the highest tier sometime soon. Now I will cover the esteemed platinum class.

Universe Club classes

I do not know the exact criteria the club uses to select classes for the thousands of women that join but I have some idea. The standard idea of beauty in Japan plays at least some part. Another part seems to be played by social status. Office ladies may be more likely to appear in standard class than actresses or models who often show up in the platinum class. Expectations may also have something to with the classifications.

The real question for male customers would seem to be whether the increased expense of joining a higher class is worth the cost. On the other hand the kinds of guys who shell out money to join the highest classes at a club like Universe Club may not be concerned with money at all. Ultimately it all comes down the individual.

Some guys scoff at paying money for any sort of intimate service or activity. Some of the same guys will turn around and spend huge sums of money trying to date “regular women” and get them into bed. A few will even give half of their lifetimes earnings to women for the privilege of getting away from them via divorce. Different people have different views.

Platinum Class at UC

That said I don’t think any male member of the platinum class at Universe Club is disappointed with their purchase. I am fairly confident of this since I have seen the women in the platinum class. Simply put there are more beautiful women in the group than a guy could hope to date in a decade. Many of the platinum female members are also the kinds of women that most guys otherwise wouldn’t meet. While it is possible for a guy to be sexually serviced by a Japanese porn star it is not quite so easy to date a model or television actress.

Of course not every woman in the platinum class is a movie star. Most certainly aren’t. There are all sorts of women in the group but it seems that they have something that makes them deserved of their position in the hierarchy. Sometimes incredible looks or an amazing body may be the thing that pushes a woman over the line from the gold class to platinum. The club is pretty rigorous and it puts in a lot of work to make things work well so I am sure they have a well oiled plan.

The effort put in makes it very unlikely that any guy would feel ripped off by Universe Club. Each woman has an in depth profile with her vital statistics, club comments, and plenty of pictures and videos. There is no false advertising involved or anything like that. Besides once a guy pays a setting fee to meet a women his financial obligation to the club ends at least in terms of her. If he wants to meet the woman again in the future he simply has to arrange that with her. The club doesn’t interfere after introducing people although it does do follow up to make sure dates go well and to get feedback on female club members.

I am willing to bet that the feedback helps determine how female members should be classed in the future.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 012-097-8649
Hours:11:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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