An overview of the go go bars in Pattaya in 2018


Pattaya is perhaps the most well known city in Thailand with the possible exception of Bangkok. Despite the views and wishes of some crusaders the city is famous for its commercial sex scene and not much else. At the heart of that scene are the many go go bars in Pattaya. This post and a recent overview on the go go bars in Bangkok in 2018 published on this website are the beginnings of what I plan to make an annual tradition. Readers can expect yearly updates on this and other complex subjects in the future.

Walking Street

Walking Street remains the most popular part of Pattaya every single night of the week. At this point the long strip has become a tourist attraction. It draws single tourists and huge groups of tourists from around Asia who walk up and down the street gawking at the bars and the women who work in them. They also take a lot of pictures even in places where “no photographs” signs are prominently displayed.

Walking Street in Pattaya

Because of the throngs of tourists and increased prices many Thailand regulars now avoid Walking Stree all together. Others enjoy the area for what it is. Walking Street bars do continue to draw beautiful and adventurous women out for money and more.

Baccara continues to be the most popular go go bar on Walking Street and probably in all of Pattaya. The bar fills up night after night with guys from around the world who pile in to watch mostly attractive women work the stage and another upstairs. The place isn’t cheap and it can be difficult for customers to find a seat or even a waiter at times. The women who work the poles are for the most part good looking but they tend to be hardened. Like Rainbow 5 in Bangkok this bar seems to be heavily favored by Japanese men.

Sugar Baby is another popular go go bar in Pattaya that does great promotion on the internet. The Sugar Baby Twitter page is updated constantly with pictures of the many women on staff in revealing outfits. Inside the bar things can get even wilder and the place has gained a reputation for being quite “hands on”. Prices are a bit high with a two tiered bar fine. Customers have to pay 1000 Baht ($30 USD) just to take a woman on staff out of the bar for a few hours. To take a women on staff out of the bar over night they have to pay double that. Of course they also have to give money directly to the women they choose.

Windmill on Soi Diamond just off of Walking Street follows a similar pattern complete with a Twitter feed full of sexy women. Inside the bar the gals wear skirts with nothing under them like the ladies at Magic Table in Bangkok.

dancer at windmill pattaya

Windmill also has a wild reputation. Windmill made the news last year when a customer and a dancer were caught with their pants down in a private room. The bar staffs a number of older women who of course do not appear in any of the pictures posted on Twitter. But there are many attractive ladies there too.

Heaven Above is also located on Soi Diamond though the bar is unique in that its entrance is up a flight of stairs. There is a short time hotel right up another flight of stairs. Heaven Above is a lot more cozy than most of the other Walking Street agogos. Bar fines range from 2000 Baht ($60 USD) before midnight to 1500 Baht ($45 USD) after twelve.

Club Electric Blue one street over on Soi 15 would be familiar to anyone who has visited the other Club Electric Blue in Bangkok. Drink prices are very low for the area and there are always a lot of women on staff.

Katoeys Are Us is one of the newer bars on Walking Street. As the name suggests it is staffed by ladyboys. It is the first ladyboy go go bar on Walking Street. Nana Plaza in Bangkok is now filled with ladyboy bars but in Pattaya they actually seem to be on the decline. Katoeys Are Us is an exception and it draws in its fair share of customers.

Lighthouse has a staff made up of regular dancers and generally better looking coyote dancers. Otherwise the place is pretty normal for the street. The management apparently realizes that people sometimes like to talk while inside of a bar so they keep the music at a reasonable level. There is a two tiered bar fine system in place at Lighthouse. Customers have to pay 1000 Baht to take a regular dancer out of the bar but the price to take a coyote out of the bar is 1500 Baht.

The misnamed Palace is about halfway down Walking Street. The bar is long and skinny with seats along the walls and a bar running down the middle of the floor. Although it is certainly no castle the bar is staffed by friendly women and drink prices are reasonable. Bar fines range from 800 to 1500 Baht depending on the person.

What’s Up Imagin Club is a kind of go go bar hybrid. The women on staff are some of the best looking in the city but the place is most focused on choreographed shows rather than horny guys who wander in off of the street.

Fahrenheit Bar has a name most of the people inside cannot pronounce but that doesn’t take away from the place at all. Teams of dancers take the stage at different times with several dropping their tops to reveal their busts to everyone in attendance. Beers start at 80 Baht ($2.50 USD) for customers and the bar fine is 1500 Baht.

LK Metro

LK Metro is an L shaped street that connects Soi Bukhao and Pattaya Sai Song 13. It is not nearly as long as Walking Street but it is lined with go go bars on both sides. There are also go go bars in the immediate area just outside of LK Metro.

Although it only got started as a nightlife center about a decade ago the little L has been through a lot of changes. It seems to get more popular with each passing day as more go go bars join the likes of the Devil’s Den.

The LK Metro bars don’t get nearly as crowded as the Walking Street bars but they hire women of similar looks and tend to charge a little less. For all of those reasons LK Metro is now favored by many regulars in Pattaya.

Lady Love is one of the more popular bars on LK Metro. It is filled with ladies who are mostly average in looks but it has an attentive manager and things like a bath show that make it more interesting than some of the competition. The dancers at Lady Love wear hot pants that rest right up their cracks.

Crystal Club is one of the longest lasting bars on LK Metro and for good reason. It is a well run bar that constantly seems to get new women on staff. The ladies who work the stage are generally attractive and in their early twenties. Unlike some of the other bars on LK Metro there don’t see to be too many older and hardened women working at Crystal Club even though the customer base skews toward older guys.

Champagne is another long lasting bar on the strip. It has been well maintained and even went through a total overhaul once despite being only ten years old. Champagne is at least as good as the average go go bar on Walking Street. Draft beers are only 65 Baht.

Finally there is Queens which is a large and well designed club that never gets too crowded even when it is filled with customers. There are a lot of women on staff at Queens so a full range of looks is represented. Some of the women are even known to get grabby on the couches when customers buy them a drink. Drink prices are among the lowest of any big go go bar in town.

Other Areas

Still more go go bars are spread around the various streets of Pattaya. None are all too well known but they do get their share of customers. Although these more independent go go bars seem to be disappearing over time they tend to allow for more activity within their walls which can include anything from full nude dancing to bath and ice cube shows in the bars.

Club Nevada is an old go go bar on Soi 13/2 that almost looks like it was preserved in time. It is a real representation of the classic rock and roll style go go bars that were once a lot more common. Lady drinks are only 100 Baht ($3 USD) at Club Nevada which makes it one of the cheapest go go bars in all of Thailand. Surprisingly there is usually at least one good look gal on staff to work along side the other older and more worn out lasses. Dancers get topless at Club Nevada at times but nothing seems to be set in stone. The club has rooms right up stairs for customers who want to take ladies out of the bar without taking them across town.

Silver Star 2 is an interesting go go bar on Soi 7 near Pattaya Beach with a large staff of dancers who get fully nude. The place never gets overly crowded but it certainly sees its share of customers each night. Surely the presence of several dancers with very large breasts and the bath shows that happen right on the main floor have something to do with that. The mamasan is laid back and everyone seems to have a good time inside. The bar fine at Silver Star 2 is 600 Baht ($18 USD) making it one of the least expensive go go bars in Pattaya in that regard. All of the women on staff seem eager to be bar fined in most cases and the majority are even happy staying with customers overnight which isn’t nearly as common in Pattaya as it used to be.

The related Silver Star 1 over on Soi 8 has a similar set up complete with naked busty dancers. The atmosphere never seems to be as good at Silver Star 1 for some reason though. Perhaps it is the constant back up in the pipes below the bar that give the place an awful smell a lot of the time. Still the place does draw customers.

Both Silver Star bars were raided and shut down last year but they are now up and functioning again. Apparently whatever they did wrong wasn’t wrong enough to keep permanently shut their doors.

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