More new ladies at Cherry Massage in Bangkok


The famous Cherry Massage in Bangkok has been covered here several times over the years. I first reported on Cherry Massage way back in 2014. I further extend the coverage over the next two years but no mention of Cherry Massage has been made here since 2016.

Cherry Massage is among a handful of oily massage parlors that has achieved legendary status or at least real notoriety. For regular customers of the Thai capital’s massage parlor style knocking shops it has become well known as a place where reliable performance is offered by a team of skilled service providers.

That’s true even after the departure of star staff members such as Ice and May. They have been replaced by other ladies who have each developed their own followings. Some of the gals have been working for several years and have advanced their sensual skills accordingly.

Cathy Cherry Massage


Dream Cherry Massage


Grace Cherry Massage in Bangkok


Miki Cherry Massage


Nana Cherry massage


Venus at Cherry Massage in Bangkok


Yok Cherry Massage in Bangkok


At the same time there is always change in these kinds of places. One need to look no further than the now shuttered Bongkot for proof of this. That place was once an institution. Now it is just a memory.

Other changes are more of the “new bloom” variety rather than “dead wood”. That includes the appearance of several new ladies at Cherry Massage. These gals may or may not be new to the scene or even the space but they were not around the last time I reported on the staff at Cherry back in 2016.

Cherry’s website contains several photographs of each including some pictures that are obviously untouched. That is a departure from the norm in the local industry where most women have their pictures heavily doctored whether or not the owners of the massage shops request it. This can lead to complaints from people who call it deceptive advertising. In this case few would have anything to complain about as the women are presented as they actually are.

Cherry Massage continues on with no real sign of slowing down. As far as I can tell the place continues to do a good amount of business even though it is surrounded by competition on the same small street. It is rather telling that a number of other newer shops have come and gone while Cherry Massage stands strong on Sukhumvit Soi 24/1.

Address:6/10 Suhkumvit Soi 24/1, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Phone:+66 022-604-576
Hours:10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
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