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On this July 4th, I’d like to wish a happy Independence Day to readers in the United States. If you’re reading this website today rather than partying somewhere with copious amounts of alcohol and fireworks this post may interest you greatly, or at least give you something to do.

For those outside of the United States, and there are certainly many, this is probably just another ordinary day. For you too I offer today’s post to break you out of the doldrums. At least for a few minutes anyhow.

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A year-and-a-half ago I made a post on sites of interest to the sex industry connoisseur. Now I’m presenting a new list of similarly interesting websites I’ve come across since that was published. Who knows, if this site continues on this may become an annual feature. Something like the Emmy Awards, but obviously much more important to everyone around the world. I hope you’ll enjoy.

1. Porn Escort

More than a few readers have made comments or sent emails asking if porn stars ever escort. Other than Eurasian porn star and escort extraordinaire Tigerr Juggs I haven’t had much info on the matter. Recently though I somehow found a service based in Europe where primo porn stars provide their services to private parties at pretty reasonable rates.

I haven’t yet had the pleasure of sampling the services, so I can’t comment on their quality. Someday soon I may be able to review the shop here.

2. Japanese Sex Tour Guide

I’ve already mentioned this one a few times on the site but it’s worth writing about again here. This “fuzokupedia” aims to help foreigners in Japan navigate the massive commercial sex scene. The site’s owner provides a bit of free information but also wants to make a bit of bread for himself as a tour guide. Since he’s totally up front about his intentions I have no problems with that. He’s even shared information with users of this site in the past.

3. Bangkok Rough Guide

There are plenty of internet forums on the sex trade, and several focus exclusively on Thailand. Bangkok Rough Guide is one that I view, and I imagine many of my readers would find it useful or at least entertaining.

Some may wonder why I’m promoting a competitor here. I don’t view these kinds of sites as competition. Forums are forums and this is a edited website. I view these kinds of forums myself from time to time and find them to be a decent source of information. Of course everything has to be taken with a grain of salt and compared with my own knowledge and experience.

4. Tokyo Adult Guide

TAG has been around for a while though activity did seem to slow down and one point causing me to check out. When I started checking back in on the site recently I was happy to see that the forum was still intact and getting new reviews often enough to keep my interested.

Obviously the focus of the site is Tokyo. It’s not updated by the minute but it can be a good source of first hand information for those on the ground. As with anything similar though readers have to use their heads and not accept everything written here as fact.

5. Tokyo Reporter

Along with Japan’s massive and mostly above-ground commercial sex industry comes a number of publications to cover it. Some like Manzoku cover the fuzoku game exclusively but even some mainstream magazines and newspapers publish articles on the topic when they have something interesting to report.

What’s a guy who is interested but unable to read Japanese to do? Tokyo Reporter has you covered. The website has been around for a while and is largely based on summaries and translations of Japanese-language reports about the ins and outs of the pink industry in Japan.

6. A Womanizer’s Blog

This is a bit of an odd one, even for me. I first came across this one man show when doing some research on the commercial sex scene in Singapore. The author spends a bit of time writing about prostitution in Singapore, Hong Kong and China. There’s nothing ground breaking or innovative in that, but it can be a place to find relevant news on the subject rather than scouring the entire internet.

It’s not the news that makes me check back on “A Womanizer’s Blog” about once a month though. It’s the strange yet somewhat intriguing way the author presents his posts. Along with news about brothels and busts are seemingly random posts about attractive ladies the guy saw in the street, the kinds of girls he masturbates over, and politics. All of this is written in affected English and peppered with nude and semi-nude photographs of all types making for something that I find entertaining.

7. Geylang Checker

Another weird one from Singapore. This blog was apparently started by a jilted lover who found out her man preferred to spend money on sex in the Geylang area’s legal brothels than bone her for free. Like any rational person she responded by starting a website intending to out guys who visit Geylang in hopes that they would get into trouble with their singinifcant others and even employers. Quite a lady. It makes you wonder why the guy who hurt her wouldn’t want to be with her, considering what a good person she seems to be.

The site hasn’t been updated in a few months. Let’s hope it stays that way. Still it’s a good example of the kinds of people who abound on the outskirts of the sex industry and is interesting to me for that reason.

8. Rockit Recommends

What kind of list would this be if I didn’t include the best hotel review site launched this year (at least that I know of)? Rockit Recommends gives the low down on hotels in hot spots around the world. Each write up is aimed at the single male traveler which is a lot easier to deal with than combing through Trip Advisor reports looking for “warnings” of things like “possible red light districts nearby.”

The site is still small, but it is growing. More is to come in the future.

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