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I’ve written quite a bit about sex in Japan over the years. So much so in fact that I recently spun off a new website focused solely on the commercial sex scene in Japan. While that site will continue to be updated by me and other contributors, the same kind of reviews and reports that readers have come to expect from Rockit Reports will continue to be published here.

The pages of this website have contained news, rumor and innuendo about a supposed opening to foreigners of an increasing number of fuzoku establishments in Japan in the form of reports I’ve written, news reports I’ve linked to and user comments. Everything I’ve seen and heard suggests that while a select few establishments may be opening their doors to gaijin others have closed theirs. Meanwhile the majority of places have kept their age-old “no foreigners” policy firmly in place.

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While some places are open to foreigners as mentioned and reported here in the past they are often difficult to navigate for those who don’t speak the language. A handful of people seem to have recognized the large numbers of foreign guys in Japan who would love to partake in the legendary pay for play services the country has to offer. These intelligent entrepreneurs have either created businesses catered to foreigners or done everything in their power to make their services available to them.

Made in Japan is a high end service that is oriented toward foreign gentlemen in Japan who are looking for a truly memorable experience. They have created a nice detailed website in perfect English and they have English speaking staff not only making the reservations but also serving the clients. That’s right, the Japanese women who work at Made in Japan can all speak at least conversational English with some being even more skilled. In the land of the rising sun that’s a feat in and of itself.

The outfit is on the up and up which means that the women can only offer soft services like a soapy body wash, kissing, cuddling, mutual touching, hand jobs and oral. Full penetration is not permitted in the industry and customers are reminded not to push for it on the company’s website. Details on the services available are provided in the form of an FAQ and traditional illustrations.

Since the women who work at Made in Japan are all so attractive, seductive and skilled this shouldn’t come as much of a problem to any red blooded male. Customers who like to lay back, relax and enjoy the services will be particularly pleased by the way things go. An added benefit of an enterprise being allowed to operate rather than hiding in the shadows is that the women are tested for sexually transmitted diseases monthly.

There are several women working at Made in Japan. They are all in their 20’s and armed with charm and great bodies. The Made in Japan website does a great job of highlighting each woman’s best features without falling into the all to common mistake of making everything look fake. Each profile contains several pictures along with details about the woman’s age, size, likes and personality and a video. The latter is especially good since it is difficult to hide flaws when things are moving so there’s no need for a fear of photoshop.

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The services of these lovely ladies aren’t cheap by any means. A two hour session is 100,000 Yen ($828 USD) and the prices go up from there. While these prices will turn some others will understand that they allow the company to narrow down the field and reach a particular target audience that isn’t afraid to spend money on the finer things in life. This in turn reassures the ladies who work at the company and allows a very classy staff to be recruited. Low prices on the other hand often indicate a desperation that often translates into poor service.

Made in Japan also staffs a few Japanese porn stars (better known locally as AV idols). Sessions with these women are expensive and the prices are not published publicly. Gentlemen who dream of living out a real porn star experience will probably be very interested in the opportunity nonetheless.

Made in Japan operates on an outcall basis which means that customers wait in their homes or at a guest friendly hotel in Tokyo to greet the service provider. Appointments are made in advance to ensure that everyone will be satisfied with the arrangement.

The women who work at Made in Japan are universally well trained and the emphasis is on omotenashi, a renown Japanese practice of incredible generosity and hospitality. Customers should be surprised then to find that a lady they book an appointment may do something like greeting them by kneeling on the floor and giving a long formal bow. Customers are hand washed at the beginning and end of each session, have their drinks poured for them and are pampered in every way. This sort of service gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “the customer is King.”

It’s easy to see why those who could afford it would be willing to in exchange a hundred thousand yen for the convenience of making a quick call and having a beautiful English-speaking Japanese escort ready to service them in their home or hotel.

Note: Made in Japan has closed.

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