Lots of new ladies at Cherry Massage


Cherry Massage in Bangkok was one of the first oily massage parlors ever covered on this website. I first wrote about Cherry over two years ago and I have continued to cover it in the time since.

There are many massage parlors in Thailand. Although I have written about many of them in some detail there remain countless others that I have yet to cover. While I plan to report on as many of these shops as I can I do think it is worthwhile to come back and update information from time to time to keep things current. That’s why I have reported on a few places repeatedly and even done reviews of individual performers to a limited extent.

One of the biggest challenges of running this site is trying to decide on a balance of coverage. There are thousands of places all over the world not to mention all sorts of news springing up all the time. I try to keep things interesting for the readers.

Cherry Massage has been around for years. In that time it has developed a positive reputation. Although it operates in a very crowded market with new competition popping up all the time the place is known for employing real performers who give their all.

I have not yet had a chance to meet the new women working at Cherry Massage but from all reports and indications they seem to fit the mold of others who have come before them. Only time and experience will tell but they sure look good to me.

From what I am told the photographs found on the website and reprinted here don’t even come close to capturing the true beauty of some of these women (though I don’t know how Kita could look any better). That’s especially true for First who as luck would have it appears first below.

First at Cherry oily Massage in Bangkok Thailand


Nutty at Cherry oily Massage in Bangkok Thailand


Nene at Cherry oily Massage in Bangkok Thailand


Magi at Cherry oily Massage in Bangkok Thailand


Kiwi at Cherry oily Massage in Bangkok Thailand


Kita at Cherry oily Massage in Bangkok Thailand


Kim Thai masseuse from Cherry Massage in Bangkok


Cherry Massage is a veteran outfit that knows how to keep things interesting. That’s probably a major reason why they not only stay in the game but remain popular even on a street that is filled with other massage parlors.

Address:6/10 Suhkumvit Soi 24/1, Bangkok, Thailand (Map)
Phone:+66 022-604-576
Hours:10:00 AM - 12:00 AM
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