Kaoru at Tokyo V.I.P. in Tokyo, Japan


The land of the rising sun has been covered on this website since the very beginning. It could hardly be otherwise. Japan is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of population and economy. It also has quite an impact on other countries around the world through things as varied as its famed electronics, its popular cuisine, and of course Japanese porn.

In the near future I will add many more posts on Japan and its massive commercial sex industry. If all goes as planned I will continue to expand coverage outside of Tokyo as well. While I have written extensively about the topic for more than five years I have not even really begun to scratch the surface. That’s especially true now that an increasing number of local adult venues are opening up to foreigners for the first time.

Kaoru Tokyo VIP escort

Tokyo V.I.P. was first mentioned on this website in the second half of 2017. In my initial posting on the company I made little mention of any specific members of the staff. Today, I am writing in more detail about Kaoru who fittingly seems to be one of the more popular women at the company.

Kaoru Tokyo VIP escort

According to the Tokyo V.I.P. website, Kaoru is 24 years old. She sports quite the physique too with a 90 centimeter bust to match her 56 centimeter waist. In Japan it is not uncommon for measurements and even pictures to be edited to make women seem more appealing but in reality almost so much can be done. It’s difficult to imagine a man wouldn’t be intrigued by Kaoru in any case. She looks quite good.

Kaoru Tokyo VIP escort

Tokyo V.I.P. prominently displays various modern and instant methods of contact on its website including the Line, WeChat, WhatsApp and even Snapchat apps! Surprisingly there are still many companies that have not utilized such means of contact for whatever reason.

Tokyo V.I.P. is a “delivery” outfit that sends women on staff out to meet customers in Tokyo hotels. The company charges 30000 Yen ($270 USD) for ninety minute outcall sessions with 120 minutes sessions also available for a bit more. Tokyo V.I.P. does accept credit cards though it tacks on a 10 percent charge for the privilege. That sort of surcharge is relatively common for credit card payments to adult companies in Japan.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 035-615-4870
Hours:24 Hours
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