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Kamiyama is an attractive escort working at Tokyo Escorts in Japan. As the English language website would indicate Tokyo Escorts works with foreign customers. That alone sets it apart from many other similar businesses in Japan which do not accept non-Japanese men at all.

The adult industry in Japan is huge. Yet most of it is off limits to foreigners. This has been discussed many times on this and other websites over the years. It is a real topic of interest to guys not from Japan who are still interested in sex in the land of the rising sun.

Things have changed a lot over the five years or so however. When this website first went online there were just a few adult businesses that would accept foreigners in Tokyo. And even they often required customers to speak Japanese. Now there are several sex shops in Tokyo open to gaijin. That even includes some that cater to foreigners exclusively.

Kamiyama at Tokyo Escorts

The 25-year-old Kamiyama stands at 166 centimeters tall. As the images illustrating her Japanese F cup bust show she is quite something to look at. Her femininity is accented by the delicate and lovely lingerie she models. If this sort of thing was more common generally a lot of outlooks might change.

Kamiyama Japan escort

Kamiyama escort in Japan

Tokyo Escorts charges 4500 Yen or $398 US dollars for a 90 minute session with Kamiyama. It is an outcall service which means Kamiyama travels to meet her customers. That usually means she travels to hotel rooms. Though I am sure she is used to meeting customers in some of Tokyo’s many love hotels too.

Kamiyama has a reputation for doing pretty much anything. Of course in this day and age that could be taken too literally. That might be even more true in a country like Japan which is famous for “hentai” things like sexual game shows and subway gropers.


In this case “pretty much anything” seems to indicate that Kamiyama goes all the way with her customers. You might not think that is out of the norm for an escort. But we are talking about Tokyo where a majority of sex workers do not offer the full package. Or they do so only in secret and behind closed doors.

The rules about sex work in Tokyo can be difficult for a lot of people to understand. And for good reason. It can only appear odd that women can openly offer “AF” which means anal fucking while other activities are prohibited. Ultimately it doesn’t matter much. What exists is what exists and that is pretty much that.

One thing Kamiyama doesn’t actually do is anal. But full service does certainly appear to be on the menu for guys who book time with her. So despite all the confusion this is in fact pretty normal at least in terms of escorting as seen by the wider world.

Booking at Tokyo Escorts is very easy. It can be done over the phone or through a booking form on the agency’s website. They also use all sorts of messenger apps including Line, WeChat, WhatsApp and Kakaotalk for instant communication.

Address:Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 035-615-3518
Hours:24 Hours
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